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Saturday lunch in Germany 24 October 2015

Have a free day but not enough for a weekend get away @aart. Thinking of lunch at EDTY or EDMS (not to have a go at you Gene just because it has a restaurant on the field and is a good distance for a day trip).

Anyone interested?

EGTK Oxford

I’d be interested. Plane is in EDMS this week, will pick it up either Friday 23 or Sat 24, but not sure yet! Also depends on Wx.

You will have WAAS GPS and are now weather immune ( ).

EGTK Oxford

Yes, but first i have to GET there to pick up the plane, then i have to bring it back to my VFR field ;-)

Will let you know. I am also a bit sick at the moment, so have to wait before i make new plans …

I’d also be interested and could take Flyer59 from EDML to EDMS.

He needs some time in a TB20 anyway …..

EDML - Landshut, Munich / Bavaria


That’s a great idea! I have to postpone the decision though, because I’m sick at the moment and also have to wait for word from Avionik Straubing!
Will get back to both of you!

Flyer59 wrote:

because I’m sick at the moment

Man flu?

EGTK Oxford

Haha …
No, a little worse, but would prefer to tell in person.
(But it looks like I will have a chance to enjoy the WAAS navigators ;-))

Good (not the sick bit). Anyone else interested?

EGTK Oxford

Howe many seats does that C-510 have? Six, right?


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