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Airshows and fly-ins

Yesterday I came back from the Texel (EHTX) airshow. Some 250 aircraft came the airshow as a visitor. This is quite unprecedented for the Netherlands. We were able to stay in our tent next to the aircraft and enjoyed the island visit very much (even for my sixth visit).

What events offer the same in Europe? Tannkosh is canceled indefinitely. So any suggestion are welcome for 2016. Anything in Germany or Northern France?


I will fly with some friends to the Roskilde airshow this year (14 – 16. August). Will be a first so cannot comment on what it will be like.

Roskilde airshow

The events at Duxford (e.g. Flying Legends) we visited over the past few years were very enjoyable but have a very different character to Tannkosh or Oshkosh.

Flying Legends

The oldtimer meeting at Hahnweide is supposed to take place again in 2016 after they took a time-out in 2015


Tegel is actually on our list for next year.

EDML - Landshut, Munich / Bavaria
I’ll be there this year again. No airshow, but great atmosphere as well with camping beside the aircraftl…


NATO DAYS 2015 – a bit questionable name but a regular local airshow with some interesting participants where they allow visitors to fly-in before it begins. No camping under the wing but worth visiting. Fly-in visitors are getting a dedicated space, so you do not have to stay among 100 000 regular visitors.


There’s the LAA rallye at Sywell. In the UK. 4,5 and 6th of Sept.
You can camp by your aircraft , normally 1000+ aircraft in attendance over the weekend.

There’s also Diest. In Belgium near Brussels normally 200/300 aircraft. 15,16 August.
Again you can camp by the aircraft

Southend, United Kingdom

For some mountain/bush/sea-plane there Husodden fly-in this weekend (600 m grass). There also is Tynset next weekend (the year is wrong, copy and paste from last year I guess ), 1000m grass. I will probably go to Tynset, it’s closer and they have 100LL.

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