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Toussus Le Noble LFPN

It’s depends on LFPG configuration. Most off the time you get a radar vector overhead Orly (OL) but sometime you make the scenic tour north off CDG… Not fuel efficient they don’t let you climb…

I saw your Malibu on the tower apron, nice aircraft. If you need something a round Pontoise let me know i’m there a lot.


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LFPT Pontoise, LFPB

Where can I find the latest information on Toussous Le Noble. Looks like there’s no real GA website for the airport ….?
What I need is the opening/ATS times, I’ll fly IFR.
Anybody have some new details?

AIP + notam (they often change hours)

for AIP, use atlas VAC here:

You can only land out of hours if in french, and only up to a certain hour.
The ILS 25 R is well worth it! (Not sure how it’s done from the east though)

There’s an RNAV Approach to both runways, so THAT part should be easy. I’ll read the AIP, thanks. I just thought there’s maybe some website that has all infos.

Has anybody flown to LFPN IFR lately? What’s the typical arrival/approach procedure for the RNAV 07/25 approaches? Vectors to the IF or will I fly the STARs?


(Plan to fly either to Paris, Hamburg or Losinj on Thursday, depending on WX).

Hello Alexis,

In my experience (am based in LFPN) the last point of your route will be the last point of the STAR. So you will be assigned a STAR but will not really fly it.

Then you will have to fly a transition (also called initial approach in the french AIP) which will eventually take you to the IF. At this stage you will often get shortcuts or vectors. Nothing overly complicated.

One non standard routing you often get when coming from the west or north west for 25R landing is a direct to TSU, with instructions to fly the 072 radial outbound (typically at 5000 or 4000ft).
You will fly along the edge of the P23 (prohibited zone over Paris). At some point Orly approach will instruct you to perform a course reveral to intercept, typically : “turn right heading 300, descend 3000, report established”.

Have a nice flight,



thanks, and roger! Guillaume has also sent me some infos (which he could post here aswell).
Usually my strategy when I don’t fully understand the transition is to ask for a vector to the IF … cheating, but it works almost always. I might be a bit spoiled by Germany ATC that only works with vectors on arrival … I have never flown a STAR in Germany!

Anybody know if/where hangarage is available for a couple of days (3 or 4) at LFPN?

You could try this:

In which case you’d get to taxi across the street while their automatic barriers close it off. Pretty cool the first time but then it’s rather a time-consuming process. If you’re still there on Monday night we might cross our paths.

Thanks for the tipp! I sent them an eMail.
I just do a short trip to Paris with my son, our hotel is close to the Centre Pompidou
I’ll send you my mobile by PM!

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