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Sicily - Palermo LICP - EuroGA 4-5 Sep 2021 fly-in

Fuel in Palermo Bocca di Falco airport is available.

LILE, Italy

An Italian pilot phoned LICP:

The 12500kg is the max content of their bowser, not the max aircraft MTOW They need a bit of time to organise it.

I might fly on from there to Greece (LGKC).

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

tell me that they are interested so I can start compiling a list of potential arrivals (name, aircraft, reg, POB – names or reg won’t be made public)

How ? Telegram group ?

EBST, Belgium

I will start a telegram group for Sicily in due course. But for now, keep the discussion in this forum thread please. Or (if you want to remain anonymous but still want to turn up at the fly-in) just send me your details. You know where to find me

A lot of people are not on Telegram and don’t want to be, can’t install the app, etc.

I’ve just sent out a mailing to everyone who has email authorised in their profile.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Ok for me too.

EBST, Belgium

I cant confirm until one or two weeks in advance, but plse count me in too, SEP 2+3 POB, 275 lt Avgas

LESB, Spain

Some of us may fly on afterwards to Kithira LGKC, which is a port of entry although has no fuel. One can then get fuel at say LGST, LGIO, LGSO, LGAV… (all non-Fraport). Kithira is a most beautiful island – report here.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Is the price per L of avgas known in LICP ?

EBST, Belgium

Can I ask what the format of the gathering will be? Just one meeting point (LICP?) with 1 or 2 nights overnight stay and then everyone disperses to go home or do their own thing? Or will there be an active flight agenda with everyone doing a few short hops as a group around Sicily for a few days?

Catania, Italy

On most of our fly-ins, we make the Saturday the “central” day on which we all get together, and we do a group meal in some restaurant (need a local to organise that ), usually in the evening.

The other days, people do their own thing. Those with more time arrive say Friday and depart Monday, while others have to be at work and just do the one day, and fly back Sunday.

My plan, with a few friends, is to hire a car and drive around a bit, for 2-3 days.

It is open to anyone to suggest a “flying agenda” on any of the days. It isn’t something we have done, although I think some did it at Avignon and La Rochelle some years ago.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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