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Longest day fly in 2024 - on German airfields on islands and coast, 22. June 2024 (and DE-only)

I wish I could make this (always want to do a EuroGA fly-in ) but this weekend is GF time And I did a nice camping trip to EGJA yesterday. I hope you all have a super weekend!

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I just got news that PH-TDI is grounded because of intermittent starting issues, needs a new battery, so I need to cancel as I have no alternative. I wish everyone a safe flight and a lot of fun! Will try to meet some of you next time…

EHLE, Netherlands

Weather is looking relatively decent tomorrow for Juist EDWJ. Dinner at 6pm local then?

Yes, if weather stays as forecasted.

EDDS , Germany

We have to cancel our plans. Wife found an active wasp nest in the house and this needs our attention. (Unfortunately german law doesn’t allow to kill them with insecticide.)

EDDS , Germany

We made it here with 4 POB and a dog but might have to leave early. Currently at the Nepalese restaurant.

EGLD, Netherlands

It was a small and brief meetup but vey nice to meet you @arnaldo!

I have done the Dutch islands before, been to Texel lots of times, and this was my first time on the German side of the island chain. I have to say, Juist is a very nice destination. Have to come back and spend a bit more time there.
The place was packed, there was a small queue to take off by the time we left! Landing was fee and there was free food as well!

Thanks @eddsPeter for the suggestion, hope to meet you at another time!

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EHLE, Netherlands
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