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Longest day fly in 2024 - on German airfields on islands and coast, 22. June 2024 (and DE-only)

@RV14 @SvenHZ If the weather will be nice for a day at the beach, we will be at Juist EDWJ around midday. What about your plannings? We might have lunch together.

EDDS , Germany

Hi, looks like I can be there for dinner at around 18LT. Maybe a bit earlier but not lunch. Need to be back at EHLE by 22LT.

EHLE, Netherlands

@SvenHz wrote:

Hi, looks like I can be there for dinner at around 18LT.

Okay, then let’s plan for diner at the airfield restaurant at 18 LT, that will be fine for us as well.

EDDS , Germany

There is a slim chance I might be there for 18LT as well. Would have to leave by 20, as Lübeck closes 21:30 on Saturdays, and one has to have left the airport premises by that time.

Sort of defeats the idea of flying until late, I know…

For those who have time to spend the night on Juist, there is various accomodation right by the airfield. First and foremost,

has rooms.

Plus, there are three more places right by the airfield. Google the names if interested.

Last Edited by boscomantico at 15 Jun 21:06
Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

weather permitting 6PM is fine for me


Some (most) dutch airfields are running a similar event a day before on the 21.

Last Edited by slider at 16 Jun 20:46

Yes the Dutch event is nice too, please keep that in a separate thread
My plans have changed for the better and I think we will be there at around 16LT with PH-TDI.

Last Edited by SvenHz at 19 Jun 16:55
EHLE, Netherlands

There is a chance I might be there for dinner as well!

EHLE, Netherlands

I was about to put it in the ad hoc fly ins section, but saw you have already done it @hmng Thank you.

EDDS , Germany

Weather is looking relatively decent tomorrow for Juist EDWJ. Dinner at 6pm local then?

EGLD, Netherlands
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