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Baltic states: Flying tour around Latvia Lithuania & Poland

Has anyone had recent experience of flying VFR around the Baltics (given the Ukraine war & intensive military trying in the area) and any recommended visit locations?

Particularly interested to hear about visits to Riga and routes south from Latvia ( Splive EVRS ) across border to Lithuania ( Vilnius) and on to Poland Suwalki EPSU then Kraków/Balice EPKK.

Are there any current challenges in travelling across Poland’s north and easter borders in light GA ?

Many thanks

@Juozas will know and may want to help out.

Son Alberti LEJF, Mallorca, Spain

Also maybe @aveling

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I am from Lithuania and fly a lot in Baltics.

@flyinsmilin you can make first stop in Kaunas (EYKS) to refuel (AVGAS, MOGAS available) Lithuania. The airport is practically in city center. I can meet you there with a cup of coffe, beer etc. :) as it is my home base.
Second stop could be EYNI (Nida resort) with super nice scenary (dunes, sea from one side and lagun from another). Alternative could be Palanga (EYPA need PPR), it is resort with night life etc.
Spilve (EVRS need PPR in advance, I would recomend even 48 hours before) practically in Riga center. You should keep in mind that they are very nervous if you enter internatiol airport CTR as pilots constanly do that. I ussualy fly to Spilve VFR in controlled airspace a little bit higher.

Also I would recomend to visit Kuressaare (EEKE) very nice city and recort in Estonian island. Perfect runway.

Flying VFR here is super easy you can cross TMA practically without problems if the FPL is filled. If you fly crosborder FPL is necesary.

Also you should be prepared to lose GPS signal flying over Suwalki corridor for 5-10 minutes max.

EYKS (Lithuania), LELG (Spain), Lithuania

Hi All and especially Juozas. That’s very kind – thank you. We will likely be a 3 aircraft group from the UK routing via Sweden then through Baltics. Nearer the time I will get in touch . In the meantime may thanks and will look up your suggestions to see how to build in

thanks for the info from my side too.
The Finish hold their homebuilt fly-in at Kuhmo mid July, and I’m (or we, a couple of friends with their rides) tempted to take the eastern route iso Sweden like we did last year.

ain't the Destination, but the Journey
LSZF, Switzerland

As Juozas said, GPS outage in NE Poland is nothing out ordinary. My experience is that It might last a long time and cover long distances. When that happens, just report it to the appropriate “Information” station, they will offer you assistance. In general they are very helpful, and willing to fulfil requests like “please look up on the internet webcam of airport X and tell me what’s the weather down there”.

Airspace availability issues on weekdays due to military activity, are to be expected. AUP is you friend.

No idea what type of aircraft you will be flying, what are your preferences WRT handling and if willing to land on grass. EPKK is a busy international airport and it would not be my choice.

Feel free to ping me for more info


I’ve been to Lithuania a couple times in the last couple years due to my aircraft refurbishment there at Termikas (EYPR airfield). Flew each time through Poland and the Suwalki gap with no GPS issues. Agree Kaunas is easy, and Vilnius is certainly worth a visit. There are some nice spa resorts near EYPR, which is an interesting airfield in itself. There’s a small paved runway, but otherwise a huge grass field where you can basically take off in any direction.

If you’re heading that direction through northern Poland, I highly recommend making an overnight stop in Gdansk. Cheap, very GA friendly, and a beautiful city with lots of interesting history.

EHRD, Netherlands
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