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Rote-Wurst-Fly-In at Nortel Airfield EDSO on 21.04.2024 - Spring Edition

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Hello dear aviators,

new year, new flying adventures: We are excited to welcome all of you on Sunday, April 21, 2024, to the first Rote-Wurst-Fly-In of the year at Nortel!

As always, we won’t let anything hold us back: In case the weather doesn’t cooperate, the backup date is Sunday, April 28, 2024.

What awaits you at the Rote-Wurst-Fly-In?

  • Of course, grilled sausages
  • Also, grilled neck steaks
  • Side dishes
  • Cold beverages
  • … and also hot beverages :-)
  • An exciting approach to our airfield (not difficult, but spectacular!)
  • No (!!!) landing fees
  • Radio communication in German and English, especially for aircraft from outside Germany
  • Great conversations with fellow aviators

Apart from microlights, our airfield also welcomes the “bigger siblings” up to 2000 kg MTOM, and helicopters up to 5700 kg. Additionally, our airfield serves as a convenient stopover for flights in the surrounding areas. It’s about an hours flight to the Alps or France. Super Plus and AvGas are available at the airfield; however, you’ll need to pump it yourself – that’s why it’s called sports pilot :-) Payment options include cash or EC card. For more information about the airfield, visit

Once again, we’ve set up an online registration page – please make good use of it, as it significantly facilitates our planning for parking spaces and food procurement. You can find the registration page at

We look forward to your attendance!

Your team from AeroClub Göppingen-Salach

EDSO, Germany

Interested! Thanks for organizing this. I think I have no excuse as it is only 70nm from EDQN. See you there!


EDIT: I might have an excuse though, my wife is PROB99 out on that day and I am the baby sitter… (our son is too small for me to take him alone).
If I can’t make it on 21/4 I will visit you another time. Never been to EDSO, you piqued my interest!

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EDQN, Germany returns a 404 error

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

Peter_Mundy wrote: returns a 404 error

Thanks for the input – bug is already known, we’ll be fixing it asap.

etn wrote:

EDIT: I might have an excuse though, my wife is PROB99 out on that day and I am the baby sitter… (our son is too small for me to take him alone).
If I can’t make it on 21/4 I will visit you another time. Never been to EDSO, you piqued my interest!

Too bad :-( We’ll be having the next Fly-In in July, so I hope to see you then :-)

EDSO, Germany

Link is fixed now :-) Only two and a half weeks remaining… We’d be so happy to have you as guests on our airfield!

EDSO, Germany

UPDATE: Due to the expected lousy weather (we might even see snow!), we have decided to activate the backup date.

Therefore, the Fly-In will NOT take place this Sunday, but instead on Sunday in a week, the 28th of April, 2024.

Let’s hope for better weather conditions then :-)

Best regards from your AeroClub Göppingen-Salach

EDSO, Germany

Thanks for the info! In my case it will be July, as I am “Flugleiter” in EDQN the entire weekend of 27-28/4.

Wish you a lot of fun! :)

EDQN, Germany

Hello dear fellow flyers,

It seems the weather gods are smiling upon us :-) Currently, for the upcoming Sunday, there’s forecasted to be light cloud cover without precipitation, with temperatures above 20°C – well, if that’s not a reason to rejoice? And an even greater reason to visit us? The red sausages are ordered, now all that’s missing is you!

And as a special treat, once again this time, the longest flight to us will be rewarded with a surprise – you can be excited!

To make planning easier for us, it would be great if you could register in advance at We look forward to your numerous arrivals :-)

Your team from the Aeroclub Göppingen-Salach

Last Edited by TobiasM at 24 Apr 21:04
EDSO, Germany

And here’s the last, brief update before our Spring Fly-In: The weather forecast is improving almost hourly! The cloud base is at FL100 (with scattered clouds), and there is no precipitation reported. Only in the far southwest should a few drops come down…

Therefore, in response to some inquiries: Yes, our Rote-Wurst-Fly-In is happening! We have more than enough sausages and steaks, but also grilled cheese for those who prefer to abstain from meat.

Take the opportunity and don’t miss out on our Fly-In – we now have many frequent visitors who visit us almost every time. It’s best to register directly at or to drop me a PN here in the forum.

We look forward to seeing you!

Your team from Aeroclub Göppingen-Salach

Last Edited by TobiasM at 27 Apr 10:34
EDSO, Germany

Not sure if I can make it this year, but I can confirm this airport has a very cool runway, and very nice people. Really worth a visit!

Fly more.
LSGY, Switzerland
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