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Alps Spezial

Back in September we took advantage of the good weather and flew from one end of the Alps to the other.

The WT9 with Rotax 915 iS was more than up for the task, and showed really nice performance even at high altitude. For me it was the first time getting the full tour of the Alps, and the views were simply amazing. It actually didn’t bother me to be “just” PAX this time.

This is also my first “proper” HDR project, in attempt to capture the high contrast scenery.

Ideally you are watching this on an HDR10 enabled device, such as an UHD HDR TV from the youtube app. Newer iPads / Tablets also offer great HDR support.

Let me know how you like it!


EDFE, Germany

Now that’s what I call a proper tour of the Alps! Very nice!

ELLX, Luxembourg

Amazing scenery, thanks for sharing!

always learning
LO__, Austria

Fantastic. Watched all of it. I love the colors, but have a feeling they’re a little boosted.

LPFR, Poland

@hazek @Snoopy @Ioco Thanks, glad you liked it!

@loco yes that may well be ;)

Looking at the raw footage it is obvious that colors ‘fade’ the higher you go. Similarly under water, when objects disappear they not only fade but turn more blue. Happy to have someone with proper physics knowledge explain that to me ;)

EDFE, Germany

Haze makes colours less dense which is why most aerial photographers and cinematographers add at least 1/2 stop to the exposure. Photo physics.


Fantastic, thanks for sharing! Finally Dan is getting some competition

Oh, and another testimony what one can do with an ‘ultralight’ nowadays

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

Finally Dan is getting some competition

Oh come on @Aart! You know I’m a retiree, and as such have basically no time left in a normal 24h day.
To all readers, think twice before committing… retirement is not only a full time job, but also the most dangerous that exists. Proof is that no one ever survived it.

Now I will have to spend some precious time to watch yet another one in a zillion self made hero display, and awe along… ok, I might share my impressions here, sometime, when available

ain't the Destination, but the Journey
LSZF, Switzerland

Thanks for sharing the amazing scenery. The quality is really good.

I like the camera positions. Having aircraft in the shots is still somehow pleasing.

EDMB, Germany

Just wow 😍

I love the Alps and I love flying, there’s not much to add here…

Interesting to see the image stabilizer working, where it looks like the plane was moving relative to the camera, but of course it isn’t..

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