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Alicante LEAL or Murcia LEMI in July?

Hi All,

What’s the advice and who to choose for handling to visit either Alicante LEAL or Murcia LEMI in July? I know the former is a busy place, but wondering what’s the options. Will likely route via Montpellier again as I did with Ibiza IFR. Is Iberia an option at LEAL/LEMI?

I know Spain is VERY HOT in July, so probably aiming to land in LEAL/LEMI at Sunset and depart just after Sunrise to get back to the UK.

Qualified PPL with IR SP/SE PBN
EGSG, United Kingdom

LEMU might be a good option in that area. Not IFR but hardly likely to be required in Spain in July and much easier access to Alicante itself than the main airport.

EGBP, United Kingdom

I cannot recommend Murcia downtown highly enough. In July, though, be ready for tropical heat.

Heat should not be a problem performance-wise at LEMI and LEAL in summer since both are very long runways with obstacle-free departures into the prevailing summer coastal winds. NO avgas at either, but that should not be a problem for the OP.

LEMI is a bit of a PITN with mandatory handling and PPR but I use Swissport and they are reasonable. I usually pick-up a GOLDCAR rental car since most others do not serve at the terminal. Taxi is expensive and unreliable.

LEAL is really off limits to light GA but if you try the “minimum handling trick” do let us know how it goes.

LEMU is an easy place with some noise abatement to be aware of, and AVGAS avail.

LESB, Spain

Thanks all for your comments. I am still not keen on VFR in Spain, but I merely do IFR for the simplicity of A-B travel as always – also in July, wouldn’t flying at VFR levels be incredibly uncomfortable. My girlfriend is doing her PPL, but crikey don’t want to put her off – the thermals I experienced out of Montpellier in August (IFR) were horrific – that’s my only concern.

@Antonio, reckon it’s worth trying with Iberia? I presume that’s the trick you was referring too? I guess it would be similar?

My cousins villa is closer to LEMI and they have a taxi firm they will provide me with details for to pick me up, and are reliable. Obviously I’ll keep these and post for any eventual SITREP/BLOG.

Qualified PPL with IR SP/SE PBN
EGSG, United Kingdom

I don’t understand why VFR has got to do with flight altitude? I never had any problems flying my typical FL120 VFR – I’m not yet instrument rated 😬


I never had any problems flying my typical FL120 VFR

Depending on country, ATC and airspace, sometimes ATC won’t clear you.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

No problem in Spain 😉

Only when departing from Casarrubios eastwards didn’t they clear me higher until passing the approach of Madrid. But other than that always got my clearance..

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Other than being hot, July is a relatively stable month in Spain usually?

Qualified PPL with IR SP/SE PBN
EGSG, United Kingdom

Yes, apart from isolated CBs building up after midday. The Pyrenees will have most.

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

Well, I guess if coming from anywhere in the UK and heading for southern Spain (like Murcia), one would normally plan to fly via San Sebastian anyway, which mostly takes the Pyrenees out of the equation.

Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany
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