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EU Customs Petition EU2020/877

Please support this petition to clarify and harmonize the EU law regarding customs regulations for General Aviation in EU member states.


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LO__, Austria


EIWT Weston, Ireland


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LSZF, Switzerland


United Kingdom

Takes a total of 3 mins to create an account and support the petition. Done. Here’s the text for anyone that’s interested.

Petition No 0820/2023 by Frans Daniël Bosch (Dutch) on the implementation of the EU Customs Regulations in General Aviation
Petition number: 0820/2023
Petition Summary: The petitioner brings attention to the current legal uncertainty, lack of harmonization and proportionality in customs procedures for general aviation flights from and to destinations outside the EU customs union, such as Switzerland and Norway. He explains that, in the past, airplane pilots had to submit customs forms for each departure and landing in addition to an ICAO flight plan. Three years ago, the EU customs regulation (EU) 2015/2446, specifically Article 141(1)(d), was amended by (EU) 2020/877. The new regulation allows flights across EU customs borders without any formalities and without using a designated customs airport, as long as no goods are carried that would require a customs office. Indeed, as per the new regulation, the sole act of the goods crossing the frontier of the customs territory of the Union is one of the acts deemed to be a customs declaration or a re-export declaration. While, according to the petitioner, this significant regulatory change holds great potential to enhance flight safety, streamline operations, and reduce administrative burdens for pilots, he underlines that the implementation and awareness of these new procedures remain inconsistent among EU Member States. Indeed, he states that, for the time being, only the German customs authorities have formally recognized and publicly addressed this legal change while the other countries have kept their procedures unchanged, thereby requiring pilots to continue using airports with customs offices and submitting national customs forms, even when they don’t carry any goods that are relevant for customs. In addition to the unnecessary administrative burden imposed on pilots, the petitioner underlines that requirement to use airports with customs facilities (even when no relevant goods are carried), often leads to landings distant from the intended destination which implies additional costs, including landing fees, handling fees, increased fuel consumption and unnecessary carbon emissions. The petitioner therefore calls on the EU to act in order to harmonize the implementation of the EU Customs Regulations in General Aviation.
Name: Frans Daniël Bosch
Date of admissibility:
Number of supporters: 61
Status: Available to supporters

Fly more.
LSGY, Switzerland


ELLX, Luxembourg


LSZH(work) LSZF (GA base), Switzerland

Done. Total now up to 74. It will be interesting how many pilots actually make the effort. Potential should be in the thousands.

LSZK, Switzerland


Cessna Silver Eagle C10T owner / pilot
LFPN, France


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