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Casablanca Mohamed Airport GMMN

Any information about the airport? Want to fly to GMMN and stay there for 2 nights.
Any other recommendation for a Casablanca visit?


EDMA, Germany

I am sure people here have been there.

I think @vrh has been going down west Africa.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom


It’s been a long time since I visited Casablanca GMMN.
Last news I have is that now Handling is mandatory and quite expensive.
You can contact Jetex. They were supposed to have a GA package but I don’t have details on it.

I would recommend to land a Tit Melil (GMMT) as it’s more GA welcome. Downside is it’s not a Custom airport but you can always land at Tangier or Tetouan on route.
Both airport don’t need Handling. Just file the FlightPlan as requested by AIP for GA and land. You will be meet at the airplane by Custom and Police they will stamp your passports.
Then a short visit to the « C » office for airports fees and FlightPlan very straightforward.
They are supposed to take credit card for fees (not Fuel)
Take euros in small bills or dirham (you will need copy of the exchange receipt if airplane not registered in Morocco.
If you have other questions don’t hesitate.


LFPT Pontoise, LFPB

Romain thanks for your input!

Jetex offered me basic handling 350€. Plus plus plus and exceeds easily 500€ for two nights.
If you walk by accident through the VIP lounge they add 400.
It’s a rip off and I refuse to support this.
I have been to GMMT years ago with my former Bonanza, a nice and cheap small airport, unfortunately they still have no Jet fuel.
After Casablanca I proceed to Madeira and I don’t know if I can leave the country from an airport without custom?
Does anybody know?

Maybe I use Rabat GMME. I have been there in 2019, cheap fuel and less than 10€ Landing fees at that time.
It’s 100km by taxi?


EDMA, Germany

I fully confirm Romain’s information about Tit Mellil! I landed just 2 months ago.
As for the land further south (LLayoune and Dakhla) the price of fuel became particularly high. €4.70/l in Dakhla


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