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YLL on Tour...

Ok, I’ve decided to to YouTube 2 1/2 out of the 3 movies which made for the success of the presentations I’ve been honoured to give to various associations around here.

The initial is just a short intro, departure day, showing some the capabilities of the embarked cams (one Insta360 in the cockpit (also recorded the comms), another Insta360 on the VS, and a Ghost below the left wing).

The second takes us for the westbound crossing, Wick – Akureyri, Akureyri – Kulusuk, Ilulissat – Iqaluit.

The third and last is the fabulous flight from Kangerlussuaq to Ililissat, chasing icebergs around Disko Bay. Unfortunately the vid has been “blocked in 1 territory” by YT due to one of soundtrack, just not sure which one…

The 3rd movie shown during my presentation, touring Alaska to Louisiana, into Oshkosh and back to Iqaluit will not be publicised for the moment…

ain't the Destination, but the Journey
LSZF, Switzerland

Excellent videos Dan: watched on the tv they’re professional quality. With that kind of scenery I kept expecting to hear the voice of David Attenborough 😀

EGHO-LFQF-KCLW, United Kingdom

Even though I’d seen them anyway at LECD, I watched the last one again and once again or bright a smile to my face. Thank you!

Going to watch the others now.

EIWT Weston, Ireland

Since I was asked to do a last presentation for my ex-colleagues the videos were taken down for a couple of months. I’ve uploaded them again:

Last Edited by Dan at 19 Apr 22:25
ain't the Destination, but the Journey
LSZF, Switzerland
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