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ENAC (Italian CAA) takes over the management of 17 GA airfields in Italy...

See here

In summary: In addition to Pantelleria, ENAC will take over the “tecno-economical” management of 17 Italian GA airfields.

As of 1st of April, this will apply to Roma Urbe, Siena Ampugnano, Milano Bresso and Capua. The other ones will be at a later stage: Aquino (currently closed), Arezzo, Belluno, Ferrara, San Luca, Foligno, Lugo di Romagna, Palermo Boccadifalco, Pavullo, Ravenna, Rieti, Udine Campoformido, Varese and Verona Boscomantico.

Hard to immagine that this will mean anything good…

Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

boscomantico wrote:

Hard to immagine that this will mean anything good…

Reason? Maybe to secure funding? I do fear your assumption is right though.

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always learning
LO__, Austria

Any news on this? @boscomantico ?

Parked at Urbe this andwill be flying vack Saturday. The tower was great but everything else seemed to be cery sleeepy and i was unable to get hold of airport management before going.

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