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Flying from the UK to Cyprus

We are going to try and fly from the UK to Cyprus in April or May, we are flying TB20 me and my wife are both pilots, has any body completed this trip and can offer any routing tips, or useful help.

Thanks Tony & Pip

United Kingdom

UK to northern Croatia – say Pula or Mali Losinj (cheap fuel, minimum hassle)
Athens – to clear immigration in Greece – easier than Corfu.

And you can avoid Greece altogether if you use southern Croatia – say Dubrovnik

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Upper Harford, United Kingdom

Your user profile is virtually empty (as many are). Do you intend to fly VFR or IFR?

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Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Sounds like a great trip!

I was tempted to go just before the pandemic but went to Malta instead.

How long are you planning to spend getting down there? Do you want a few places to stop on the way? Do you have oxygen / turbo ? How long do you like to plan for each leg ?

It will be interesting to see this thread develop.

Shoreham (EGKA) White Waltham (EGLM)

Hi there. With a TB20 and the range it has, it may be a good idea to plan Belgrade as a fuel stop, it has still quite cheap fuel and can provide a quick turn around. Also from there Cyprus should be reachable non stop, avoiding the hassle of Greece and its Fraport Airports. A rough estimate avoiding Turkish Airspace via Saloniki and Rhodes would yield about 900 NM, which is perfectly feasilbe for a TB20.

LSZH, Switzerland

Sorry first using this forum, flying VFR no turbo and no oxygen. IMC but out of date intend revel in Feb 2022, I was hoping that someone might have done this trip, offer some advice.and tips

United Kingdom

I have a load of TB20 writeups here and while most are IFR, the routes and general procedures would be very similar under VFR. There is a lot of detail there; these writeups are intended not as social media but to show how to plan and execute nontrivial trips.

The “easy” way to do this trip out of the UK in a TB20 would be

  • UK (sit at home until the wx over the Alps is fine, and fly east of the main Alps)
  • Slovenia or Croatia
  • Sitia LGST
  • Cyprus

Currently there may be an issue at LGST in that they pretend they can’t accept foreign traffic because they need a “medical team” to check your vacc certificate so contact them for the latest.

You will find that having oxygen helps a lot around Europe, even just for VFR.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom


I sent you a PN! Check your emails.

LOXX, Austria
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