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Flight to Senegal or Cabo Verde

Over Christmas I want to escape the GermanEuropean Covid disaster!
Considering a flight to Senegal or Kap Verde.
I have all the necessary information about Kap Verde, but wasn’t able so far, to get
infos about Senegal or Mauretanien, like fees or permissions at all.

Attached a possible routing. I’m range restricted in my Meridian and my wife prefers legs not longer than 2,5h.
From Lanzarote to Senegal, I need one fuel stop, whether in West Sahara or Mauretanien.

Morocco has closed borders and airspace again. Not sure if it applies for a fuel stop in Westsahara/Dahkla.

If there is any wisdom in the group, I would appreciate any information.

EDMA, Germany

I have no experience with those countries but I had a look at the winds and they seem to come mostly from the west with a little south component. For the return from Cabo Verde to the Canaries it should probably be possible non stop. In the other direction it is more difficult, I did experiment a bit with the max range of the Meridian and maybe it could make it if you overfill the tanks, fly FL300 etc. but it would take more detailed calculations to see if the reserves would be acceptable and after all it is over water without any alternate short of the destination. A direct to Senegal might be easier. Probably a better wind angle and alternates along the coast just in case.

El Hierro GCHI to GVAC is 720 NM – that shouldn’t be a problem for Meridian. On top of that, El Hierro is much more beautiful island than Lanzarote. I’d fly from GCRR to GCHI and, after a break, continue to Cabo Verde. And I’d rather use LFMU than LFMP.

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LDZA LDVA, Croatia

@vrh flies (or used to) down there a lot. @jojo may also know.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Fjkuth wrote:

If there is any wisdom in the group, I would appreciate any information.

I tried to get to Dakhla earlier this month and they requested diplomatic clearance, so I confirm they’re practically closed. Being a kitesurfer, I opted for Brazil instead. Did fuel stops on Sal and Praia. Sal was super quick, 40 minutes from touchdown to airborne and 20 minutes block, while Praia took longer and had some paperwork to do.

LPFR, Poland

At this time it is quite impossible to land and refuel in Marocco.
In Mauritania you can refuel at Nouadhibou and Nouakchot.
It could be safe to contact these airfields about « up to date » information.



Patrick, thanks for your Information.
I tried all public AIP communications – several eMail, Telefon and fax –
All failed.
Do you have a functional communication to GQPP?

EDMA, Germany


Morocco is possible right now. It involve a little bit of planning to obtain the « AS » number.
Depending on your citizenship you have to submit a letter to your embassy witch approuve the flight. Then they send it to Morocco foreign affairs and then the Civil Aviation (DTA).

I’ve been there 3-4 times since they « reopen »


LFPT Pontoise, LFPB

@ Emir

Thanks for your pm information.
Unfortunately GCHI El Hierro is no option.
No fuel and no custom available.

720NM are usually no problem at all in a Meridian.
Two years ago at the same time, I flew to Morocco and had problems to master a 620nm leg due to head winds up to 120kt.
As always, it depends..

EDMA, Germany

Fjkuth wrote:

head winds up to 120kt
Even in the airline world this is pretty strong… and would mandate a level or routing change… if possible.
ain't the Destination, but the Journey
LSZF, Switzerland
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