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EuroGA - Villa week fly-in [Ibiza] - May 2022

Afternoon All,

I messaged Peter this morning with this idea. As I didn’t actually complete the trip this year, it’s still in my head to get there. I also wanted to involve some of us get the ball rolling. The idea is to set up a base in Ibiza for some of us, with a Villa and host regular BBQs (A villa with a BBQ is a must) and a pool. If a Villa is not economically viable or cheaper than a specific hotel/resort on the Island that we can all gather each afternoon/evening.

The dates I am thinking of are 15th to 22nd of May 2022 as this is before or at the cusp of the opening season. Would anyone in practice be interested in flying in and once I’ve got a reasonable list we’ll proceed?

Original thread of some notable discussion:

Qualified PPL with IR SP/SE PBN
EGSG, United Kingdom

Cool, i would love to join


I would be interested but I doubt my airplane will be available…that is annual check month for me!

LESB, Spain

I’ve put it on the calendar, but it’s too far for me to tell whether I’d be able to come.


I see few problems (at least for me):
1. This would be much different than usual EuroGA fly-in where we do our own stuff all around the airport and nearby cities while in this setup we would hang around together practically all the time. My concept of fly-in is exactly what we do now: go somewhere scenic, land at the same (or nearby) airport, book accommodation according to preferences, meet for coffee and drinks with different people depending on availability and preferences, do our own stuff (walking, hiking, beaching, sightseeing, whatever), have dinner for all participants and continue to hang around doing own stuff before leaving.
2. Ibiza airport is expensive and a lot of us simply avoid it because of that. Going there with CAT is much easier and less expensive.
3. Ibiza as destination is too touristic and will be littered by tons of tourists next spring if pandemic situation improves or stay at current level.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia
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