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Japanese restaurant on or close to airport?

Hello everybody,
today, my indiscussibly wiser wife came to me and asked where our next (day) trip might lead to.
I figured as much as going to either southern Germany or eastern Austria, or maybe Bled – so far so good. Then came the serious stuff:

“What will we eat for lunch?”

Well, there would be some nice italian-style restaurants at the airfields….

“I really would like to get some japanese food”.

… err….

Honestly, I have no idea. A “Burger” run for some sushi rolls? Do anybody knows a restaurant in or close at some airfields in southern Germany wher they serve japanese food? God, I feel so stupid even asking for this


I once had Japanese lunch on a stop at LOWI but it was 15min taxi towards town from the airport or so.

No Sushi-stop in LOWI currently:

Aerodrome Closed
Until 19 Okt 2021
Innsbruck airport closed according NOTAM A2043/21 and AIP SUP 006/21.

LFSB, LSPV, Switzerland

Chōfu RJTF? Bit of a long way though.

LFMD, France

RJTf is a bit a long way :)


I guess « Chez Chau » outside of Nevers LFQG doesn’t count
Restaurant Chez Chau
03 86 23 18 68


Not much help for Germany. But in Canada I have flown a float plane for Sushi .

There are many scenic waterfront restaurants, so it is considerably easier than finding a nice restaurant near an airport! Park along the shore or at the dock and walk up!

Sans aircraft at the moment :-(, United Kingdom

Close to LOWG

Kiwano Restaurant
0316 292559

LOXX, Austria
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