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Fly-in to La Cerdanya / Andorra LECD/LESU 16 October 2021

We tried this a few years ago but the weather did not cooperate.

How about a next try, either 16-17th, 22-24th or 29-31st of October? We could even select one weekend and maintain a fall-back one if the weather cheats on too many of us again.

Peter and Emir have already indicated their interest. And I’m hoping that Antonio would join in too. I will probably be able to drag along some of my ULM friends as well.
And I’m hoping that many of our French friends would join in, as it it at their doorstep!

LECD is in the middle of the Pyrenees, in a wide valley. A very lively field, lots of gliders. Great restaurant on the field, and a few nice villages nearby. October would be just before the skiing season, so accommodation would be no problem. I need to check on the latest regarding Avgas. The field is as GA friendly as it gets. Of course I would need to negotiate a group discount on the landing fees though. 5€ seems excessive, no?

If people would arrive on friday, on saturday we could do some local flying over the spectacular scenery and make a stop at nearby Seu de Urgel, LESU, a very special experience landing on top of a hill, aircraft-carrier style. Or we could do a hike. Or just sit in the airport restaurant/cafe and tell each other our war stories. Try to make up a few just in case.

I’d be happy to coordinate.

Oh and someone needs to pick up Mooney Driver on the way. Surely in return he will do all the M&B calcs free of charge, as he has quite a background on that.

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Private field, Mallorca, Spain

Wow sounds good! We’ll be flying to Spain again and had that plans for October, at least for one week, so it’d be a great stopover in either direction. If it was for me I’d vote for the weekend 22nd-24th but we’re still quite flexible regarding the three weekends proposed. However, the landing fee really is an issue. If that not turns out to be negotiable, I’m very pessimistic about the outcome of this


More info in the original thread.

I don’t recall the landing fee being of any relevance. It’s a little aeroclub airfield.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

aart wrote:

Of course I would need to negotiate a group discount on the landing fees though. 5€ seems excessive, no


LFMD - Cannes Mandelieu, EGLL - London Heathrow, France

I could probably join this meet-up. I was there a few weeks ago on a trip to Ampuria Brava. Landing fee was a non-issue, about 5 euros. Restaurant was open but I believe it is closed Mon-Wed. No Mogas nor Avgas available. There are details on the airfield on this webpage: , which is an un-official AIP for the airfields not included in the Spanish AIP (most of the non-public owned ones). I would suggest a visit from here to Ampuria Brava, they have Avgas and the town is on the airport gates so plenty of hotels nearby. The landscape there is very nice. Landing fee is about 20e and overnight 10e and the avgas is not cheap but it is a nice area to visit. The flight north from here along the coast line (Costa Brava) is very scenic.


LEMT, Spain

Don’t know if it is still applicable, but as far as I know you need to enter Spain via a n intern. Airport.
Not for custom but for COVID?


I have not read that you need to land at a customs/immigration field when it concerns GA but maybe I missed it?

If I were you I’d have a proof of vaccination, or PCR or proof that you’ve passed the disease. Furthermore you could consider filling out an entry form. See

There will be nobody at LECD to check all this.

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

Brits need customs and immigration. I was going to use Perpignan on the way in, also for fuel. On the way back there are more options…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I can fly no-stop from Croatia but I need immigration and Jet A1, so I’ll probably use my standard stop LFMU.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia


In Catalan only?

LDZA LDVA, Croatia
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