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Southampton EGHI looking for GA feedback

With the bankrupcy of FlyBe, they have just lost a huge piece of their business. This is our chance to tell them how to become more GA friendly.

I have no first-hand knowledge, having never landed there, but I am told they have very limited parking for GA which you have to book in advance.

They do not allow training approaches anymore (I did my JAA IR test there in 2012).

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I have completed the form.

For a start, I think they should not have increased their minimum parking rate in 2020 to £66+VAT covering 0-24hrs for all 0-10MT.

Last Edited by James_Chan at 17 Mar 08:45

Answered it. I told them to take Southend as an example.


I have looked back in my log book from years ago and Southampton, Luton, Bournemouth, East Midlands, Birmingham etc are all listed. I use my aircraft for business hence the “big” airports. In those days it was welcoming and easy. Sadly not been like that for a very long time BUT maybe the lack of CAT for a few weeks may bring some sense into the places.

UK, United Kingdom

I have completed it – basically just suggested they price sensibly for light GA. I don’t like to get prescriptive on pricing, but with the present structure I would never go there unless I absolutely had to and I can’t see how that situation would arise.

They have traditionally cited a lack of parking as the reason for charging high prices. Parking is such a poor excuse – mow and roll some of the grass if there really is nowhere, but they really should lay some more tarmac anyway – it is a bit silly that at an airport of that size aircraft have to backtrack to use the runway into the prevailing wind.


I think Eastleigh airport should go back to being Eastleigh airport It sounds like that’s their direction anyway, regardless of intent!

Last Edited by Silvaire at 17 Mar 15:25

Interesting…they say a GAR is required (iom)

Says it’s not……it is an international airport with police presence…..or was.

Last Edited by PeteD at 17 Mar 16:54
EGNS, Other

Yes, they even call you if they didn’t get a copy.

However, your link suggests one must always file a GAR when flying from the EU, even when flying to an international airport with police presence… It is only common travel area destinations that have a waiver (Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man using a port not designated under that Act).


I don’t want to appear overly negative but unless there is a specific change to their overall attitude to light GA, then it won’t really help.
If they relax their rules and fees due to the lack of CAT, then as soon as an operator resumes the routes, we will be back where we were, in a very short time.

It really needs a can-do attitude to try to allow GA and CAT to operate side by side.
I think we’re all savvy enough to understand where their loyalties need to be. It’s common sense and business, but I can’t except, that with a little thought there is still oportunity to accommodate some GA. In that, I mean a sensible approach to fees and a PPR system that works directly around genuine capacity.

I do accept if they are very full then we can’t go, but in reality with realistic fees, we’re still not talking about filling the circuit with training PPL’s.
We’re taking about an infrequent family visit or a sensible business trip in Light GA.

United Kingdom

No feedback was possible, as it turns out. Not a useful survey.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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