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Rumour: Toussus LFPN to get customs/immigration from Jan 2020

This one popped up on UK social media… no more info.

This was promised for Pontoise years ago when that airline from Shoreham to Paris was operating, but nothing happened and the airline shut down.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Well that would be fantastic. Toussus is a nice airport, not as convenient as Pontoise transport-wise or from the UK, but with two runways, on-the-ball ATC, good instrument procedures, a nice restaurant…


That is the number one place I want immigration in France, so it would be extremely good news.

For me Toussus is actually better transport wise, as I always take Kapten / Uber (I call them on the after landing checks, and usually arrives just after refuel and closing down the plane is done)

The ILS25R procedure is one I never get tired of, both for the views (day or night), and because you get to be “on the ball” having to be ahead of everything that goes on.

Noe wrote:

That is the number one place I want immigration in France, so it would be extremely good news.

I want immigration police/customs in every French air/sea-port (I sound more like an FN fan now )

Regarding the news, it does not seem something the locals know about yet or expect, but this will be a super news !

But with the VAT topic, I may need more than just a fresh AIP entry to get excited

Last Edited by Ibra at 27 Nov 14:19
Paris/Essex, France, , United Kingdom

Nota: FN (now RN), for all the non-French here, is the main far-right political party here. Second at every presidential election now.

A local source confirms the rumour, but it would remain per arrangement, definitely not permanent. This would unset the neigbors (like anything that would attract traffic).

Last Edited by Jujupilote at 27 Nov 15:23

Thanks for the updates jujupilot, it seems LFPN is expanding at least this year: new CFA student center and the TBM business but I don’t think much has changed for inbound traffic/local guys

Paris/Essex, France, , United Kingdom

Not much, except the opening hours based on your noise category

The bulk of the CFA (technical highschool) moved to Le Bourget. Young mechanics will even move to working on jets even quicker . The big maintenance companies pay for this CFA so I guess they want some ROI.


I heard some rumors that it would be an experimental for one year.
2 days per week with a 2 hours window and those two hours not on weekend…

LFPT Pontoise, LFPB

(facepalm) So essentially they want to prove that they do not need immigration (because it’s likely to produce no increase in traffic).

I can’t imagine another result from such a trial. I probably got my hopes too high, wishing for 21:00 local on Friday and 17:00 on Sunday.

4h/week what contract is that?

Well better than 0h/week and hopefully O/R at some point

Paris/Essex, France, , United Kingdom
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