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Shoreham EGKA airport news 2013

Just got back from a meeting with the new management which took over the running of the airport (not the lease, which remains with Albermarle) from 1st August.

  • Opening hours will be maintained

  • ATC hours will be maintained

  • Mandatory handling over 2.5T is now finished (a very very good move!)

  • No PPR

  • LPV approach planned ASAP

Various other improvements are being investigated.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

All good developments.

EGTK Oxford

LPV approach planned ASAP

Your KLN94 will be on eBay soon?

I had my IR checkride today and the examiner wanted a precision approach (= ILS) and a non-precision approach. Too bad that the RNAV 10 of EDTY got upgraded to LPV and I had a nice glideslope that could not be turned off and was able to do a perfect continuous descent on a non precision approach...

I love LPV, comes at almost zero cost and is better than ILS (receiver has integrity monitoring, ILS aircraft equipment doesn't).

Your KLN94 will be on eBay soon?

It gets worse...

I have a spare KLN94 on the shelf.

I love LPV, comes at almost zero cost

Only if you have already paid for it.

The cost to a UK airport is of the order of £20k per approach, for the approach design. I don't know if e.g. Shoreham would get it for less because of the existing approaches. The cost to the aircraft is from essentially zero (if you have a "W" Garmin box, and the AML STC AFMS etc) to some 5 figures.

is better than ILS (receiver has integrity monitoring, ILS aircraft equipment doesn't).

A LOC/GS receiver will flag if either signal is below the limit, and some other things, and then your autopilot drops out.

Also ILS equipment is monitored with ground receivers, which will turn off the transmitters if the signal goes out of spec, and then the aircraft end will flag.

There is plenty of integrity in an ILS.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The cost to a UK airport is of the order of £20k per approach, for the approach design. I don't know if e.g. Shoreham would get it for less because of the existing approaches

Compare that to the cost of installing an ILS....

EGTK Oxford
  • Mandatory handling over 2.5T is now finished (a very very good move!)
  • No PPR.

Their website today still says:

  • All aircraft over 2499kg landing at Brighton Shoreham Airport must now book through KA Executive Handling.
  • PPR REQUIREMENTS : ALL visiting aircraft - Please telephone ATC or email...


Their website today still says

it probably takes time between a meeting with proposed changes and the update of the website


Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Dear All,

We are writing to update you on a few changes that will come into effect during the month of September.

We have now met most of the airport operators and a large number of private aircraft owners. All operators and aircraft owners have different requirements that we took into account for our decision process in order to try and satisfy the majority.

ATC and Fire cover: The vast majority do not want a reduction in the services provided. We do not plan to downgrade these.

Opening hours: The vast majority would like longer opening hours. We are planning to increase the opening hours, but not until next year. We do however plan for the airport to be open until 2000 during the winter months.

Runway 31/13: A minority of you would like to keep this open. We do not plan to reduce the current amount of runways available on the airport. We plan to continue operating runway 31/13.

Perimeter fence: Some of you are concerned about the state of the fence. We are planning to replace the security fence.

Fire trucks: We will be investing in 2 new fire trucks in the near future.

Instrument Approaches: We will be investing in renewing the approaches and upgrading the RNAV GNSS LPV (vertical guidance). This in theory could reduce the minimas to just above 200’ making the airport a lot more accessible throughout the year.

Congestion in the circuit: A few of you expressed concern about how busy the airport is at times on very good weather days. We are studying this issue in order to find a solution so that on busy periods aircraft do not have to wait excessive times in order to depart or land.

Mandatory handling: Most of you wanted this requirement to be removed. It has now been removed.

Airport fees: These will have to increase in price in order to maintain the current services provided. The new pricing structures will be available before the end of August.

Cheap landing fees: All of you that operate aircraft under 1.5 tonnes want cheap landing fees. We will be offering one of the cheapest landing fees in the country (compared to other airports offering similar ATC and fire cover) for aircraft up to 1.5 tonnes landing before 0945 (local time). Landing fees for aircraft that land before the mentioned time (that are under 1.5 tonnes) will benefit from a fee of £15.00 when the uplift more than 50 litres of fuel after landing. This will be effective from the 1st September.

Incentives: Pretty much all of you wanted incentives that would suit your individual needs. We will be publishing an extremely exciting incentive programme that will suit the various types of operations. The incentives consist of making available unlimited landings for fixed price per month for both operators and private owners. This will allow you to benefit from potentially very cheap landing fees.

The prices have been calculated based on historical data on the various operators and private aircraft owners.

We have had lots of positive feedback so far and are really trying to improve Shoreham and give it a fresh new look. We look forward to welcoming many of you over the coming months to what is one of the premier GA airports in the country.

Kind Regards,

The (New) Shoreham Airport Management Team

Hello all,

Just a quick update from the land of Shoreham. Our AVGAS price has reduced to £1.91/L effective yesterday (7th November) which should provide some respite to the high prices that we’ve suffered recently.

We’ve also taken the decision to extend our opening hours (also effective 11th November) from 0800-2000z Monday to Friday, 0900-2000z on Saturdays and 0900-1900z on Sundays. We now also allow circuits all day on Mondays up until closing time meaning that over the winter pilots can take advantage of night flying in to the evening hours.

Peter mentioned LPV approaches – we’re in the process of getting these upgraded which should lower the minima on Runway 02 and 20. We don’t yet know exactly how much but have an estimate of around the 500ft mark – maybe less if we’re lucky. These should come in to operation in the 1st quarter of 2014.

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