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LEGE Girona and area as a home base

I have just acquired a SR22T and plan to base it part time north of London but also, and more and more often, near my holiday home near Platja D’Aro in Girona, Spain. Anyone have any experience with Girona or a better alternative for basing a plane for days/weeks. I have not checked out LEAP but understand it could be an alternative…albeit twice the drive from my house.

United Kingdom

Pre-Ryanair it was brilliant and very affordable. Last time I flew there was 2002 though, but I intend to return in october. There is talk about Ryanair abandoning Gerona as a hub, but I don’t know how accurate this is. I also wonder what the implications would be for the airport itself…

EBST, Belgium

Congrats on the new aircraft.

I don’t think there is an aeroclub based at Girona, no?
In general, I think that at those big AENA airline airports, there is very very little GA. If there is any, it is usually at least “associated” with an aeroclub, or maybe uses the hangar of some mainteance company. I guess you will have to ask around. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the outcome were that one can’t base a “private” SEP (a jet might be different story…) at LEGE.

I visited LEAP in June and found it a great place. Even if you take longer for the drive, consider that any time saved on the shorter drive to LEGE will possibly be lost due to security, procedures, refuelling, etc. At LEAP, you would also have maintenance on the field, which can be very useful.

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Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany


For Girona, try to contact center vol. They are based on the field. They are a handling company but also a rotorcraft and maintenance company.
They used to be the cheapest for handling and they have some hangar space.

I would call them or give them a visit to try to find a solution with them for long term stay.

Enjoy the new plane. London is not convenient for me but I’m pretty sure you will find a experienced pilot in the area to fly with you.

Have a great day

LFPT Pontoise, LFPB

@aart and @coolhand may know more.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I tried to visit Centervol this past Sat and they were closed. Called and sent 3 e-mails. And all I ever see there are corp jets. will drive up to LEAP next weekend and check it out. Does anyone have a local airfield owner/mgr contact info. LEGE would be a fine alternative to LEAP in weather. I would I could find a place it can be hanged. Its a 2017.

Thx Guys


United Kingdom

When I visited LEGE two years ago, Centervol told me that they have a Dutch Cirrus based at the field. If this is true they should be able to help you with this.

EHBD, Netherlands

Ryanair announced today they will close their base in Gerona in 2020.

LFOU, France

Jujupilote wrote:

anair announced today they will close their base in Gerona in 2020.

Perfect. They cannot be too picky then about getting some new business! I’ve contacted a friend who is in the local ga scene regarding hangar places in the area.

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always learning
LO__, Austria

Jujupilote wrote:

Ryanair announced today they will close their base in Gerona in 2020.

That may perhaps mean a return to the pre-RYR days when the western half of the LEGE apron was full of SEPs.

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