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Corsica - Solenzara LF-R

I have a VFR flight planned from Tuscany to Propriano on Corsica. I’m a little puzzled about the the following NOTAM covering a large area of Corsica’s East cost from surface – FL450:

“Activity in Solenzara LF-R65-R66 and D67 area under compulsory control Manager authorization only : +33(0) (control capacity limited”

From the sounds of it, there’s slim chance to get a clearance through it. I have three routes planned which work around the NOTAM:
1. Cap Corse, Calvi, down West coast
2. Westbound south of Basta to Corte, then through the Taravo River valley
3. Offshore, East of the Solenzara LF-R southbound

But obviously it would be advantageous to cross Solenzara. Does anyone have recent experience with these LF-Rs? Is it realistic to get approval to cross?



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The best solution is to fly on a Saturday or Sunday : “there is no war on weekends” !

But of course there is a lot of chance that you can get a clearance after contact on the phone number tel:+33(0) and you can have an advice for the good period or the activity.

Another solution is to fly very near North limits of LF R 65/66 D67 and you can have information from FIR or Bastia TMA if this areas are active or not, if not, you are closed to turn to your expected route.

But if I had to come from East coast (I come from France via STP…yes I know that Corsica is still France) I surely choose the scenic route Elba, Cap Corse/giraglia Island and routing along the so nice west coast to Propriano.

But It would be a nice trip

LFPU, France

ADLS wrote:

The best solution is to fly on a Saturday or Sunday : “there is no war on weekends”

But then there is load of traffic and no fuel, ats, food…
(I always planned on that assumption for D areas around Channel/North sea until ATC warned us of a live show in Shoeburyness beach on a Sunday )

Paris/Essex, France/UK, United Kingdom

Propriano is uncontrolled, AVGAS by credit card with Automate, not to busy all the day and Taxi to join Campo Moro or Propriano with beach, restaurant and a good grey Rosé wine (better than the Pietra beer) to forget everything except the beauty !

LFPU, France

Thanks ADLS! I’ll call Solenzara phone number before I go just to be sure.

So even during French holidays overnight parking should not be an issue in Propriano?


I wouldn‘t think so. It‘s a light GA only/airfield. There are no marked parking stands, as at the more “serious“ airports. If course, you can‘t expect to get a space on the tarmac, but will always find some space on the grass/dirt.

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Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

Good to know, my Jodel anyways prefers grass. :)

I didn’t know about this SkyDemon feature – pretty cool!


… but beware… SD also says this:

Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

Hello, Michael. At the end, what was the actual route that worked for you? I will get to Propriano from Italy on friday and I would like to avoid the high mountains in the center.

Vejano Alituscia, Italy

I tried to get a “permission” via radio from Ajaccio Info two weeks ago to cross R65 VFR at 10000 feet. No chance.

Since D67 was also active, I went to the west of it. If you do it in the morning, you have good chances for the mountains being clear.

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Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany
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