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Greenland handspun Chart

I’m planning to fly to Greenland, and was disappointed in the lack of charts available.
Finding no printed chart, I decided to make my own VFR chart from the ONC charts as a basemap.
The purpose is for transiting Greenland, and to that extent, there is nothing north of Kangerlusuaq (e.g. no Thule or Ilulissat).

It isn’t accurate, nor is it worth $0.10 on the open market, so if there are mistakes, I apologize.
The scale at the bottom isn’t accurate for the entire map. The distance lines were taken from skyvector. The airport airspace from another source.
I didn’t set out to make something to fly perfectly with, I just wanted something I could reference while planning.

So, with that, here’s a handmade chart of Greenland. I have a massive version available if anyone wants it, please let me know (minimum filesize will be 25MB).
I’ll be glad to provide a direct link. Just DM me.

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Good afternoon AF,

What a nice initiative!

I would love to get your large file. I am actually going to Greenland on Monday with a group of 6 airplanes on our way to Oshkosh. This will be fun to look at on the way there.

Thank you and kind regards,



UT Austin hosts scanned copies of ONCs covering Greenland (link) which can probably be imported into Google Earth.

Edit: Missed that your composite uses ONCs! Be cautious using SD in Greenland. I’ve noticed there’s a northing registration error of several miles on the west coast at Sisimiut.

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London, United Kingdom

Just a few more notes: I embedded contact info, PRN & Customs info and runway numbers as well.
Narsarssuaq also has the pattern inlaid onto the VAC

Also, I’m looking for a hand fuel pump for Iqaluit, any ideas?
Same for iridium sat phone. I’m thinking iridium go, and found somewhere to rent it for $300 for the trip. Any better recommendations?

Last Edited by AF at 19 Jul 14:14

SD seemed spot-on to me in Greenland. Flew up fjord to BGBW with no issues re Simiutaq position or nav up the fjord. No issues noted from Kulusuk to Sondrestom either. Usual discretion applies.

Why would you want a hand fuel pump at Iqaluit? They have an electric barrel pump powered by a pickup battery (turn around and don’t look…). It’s what they refuel all avgas aircraft with:


This was the avgas burner in front of us at Iqlauit:


Ah, great! I was really sweating that. I’d read that there was no way to get your fuel out of the barrel…
I’ve never been through there, so I didn’t know!
That’s great, thanks a lot.

By the way, I just received my printed Greenland Chart and it looks great. I went with 3′ × 3′ (roughly) and it is about perfect for a cockpit.
It could actually be printed a little larger, perhaps 4′×4′ (1.1m x 1.1m). There’s plenty of detail for that.
Also, the printing company notified me that they can’t print maps, because they’re copyrighted.
Thankfully, I made this map, so there’s no copyright
OK, so I borrowed some elements… but this map doesn’t exist, it is a new thing, so no-one should have a problem printing it.

NeilC wrote:

This was the avgas burner in front of us at Iqlauit:

NC14999, Lockheed 12A Electra Junior. An awesome plane Same one that flew into a hangar in Belgium last year.

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re barrel pump at Iqaluit – obviously check with them first to make sure they still have it

If not, then pm me for details of where you can mail-order in the UK – I bought one for Africa trips and it works really well.


Make sure you have some mosquito spray for Iqualuit. They are abundant there and huge.

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