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Suggestions in France & Benelux

Next week my partner and I are likely to take the TB10 away for a week across the channel.

I will probably go first to Le Touquet (because she has never been before) but after that I am looking for destinations. Perhaps 3 or 4 further destinations, hopefully making some sort of loop (in the horizontal plane, not the vertical!) and spending 1-2 days in each. Requirements are relatively sensible airport costs and relatively close to a reasonably scenic town that is pleasant to spend a day or two in.

I only have an IR(R), not valid outside the UK, so I need flexibility around weather because we will be strictly VFR. The range of the TB10 is 5hrs at 115 knots, but realistically we are not keen on legs much longer than 3hrs because there is no autopilot.

Scotland is the other option if the weather looks better up north, but somehow I think Europe will give more options.


Requirements are relatively sensible airport costs and relatively close to a reasonably scenic town that is pleasant to spend a day or two in.

I am afraid this is not enough of a filter for France

Too many nice places and too few really expensive airports…

Let me put it the other way around:

Airports with NOT sensible costs (say 100 Euros or more for an overnight stay), AFAIK, are only: Paris Le Bourget, Paris-Orly, Marseille, Nice, Bordeaux, Biarritz (barely), Lyon (St. Exupéry), Bale-Mulhouse (barely).

And places which are NOT scenic: Caen. Le Havre. Can’t think of many others.

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Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

On the other hand Caen is a great base for the D-day beaches

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

There is “scenic” and there is “scenic”. Loads of airports are in the middle of nowhere – perhaps a €50 taxi ride to the nearest town.

Caen has an excellent WW2 museum; definitely worth a visit.

La Rochelle is outstanding. Grass parking but of good quality. And easy GA exit and entrance (gate with a code). A trip to the Ile de Re island is great too.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I’ve booked something similar with Quimper and Tours as our destinations.

Sea and wine/ chateaus


EGSX North Weald, United Kingdom

Honfleur / Trouville are nice near deauville (LFRG), but as some said (rightly so) before, it will cost you, unless:
- you take bicycles
- you rent a car (I think you can at the airport, but timetables might not be super convenient, e.g. closed sundays)

I think Dinard (LFRD) is great. I’ve definitely rented a car there (but taxis are not too expensive). You can then visit Dinard / St Malo (fortified town) / Mont St Michel (not a very long drive). All people I took for a day / weekend trip loved it.

Noe wrote:

I think Dinard (LFRD) is great.

I agree with Noe, Dinard is a great place, especially the walks around the bay in the moonlight , after that maybe head down to La Baule which is also a great stop, then as Peter says on to La Rochelle stopping at Quiberon or Belle Isle on the way for lunch, back then to Saint Cyr l’Ecole and Versailles and back home from there …

As so many country, France is nice, very nice and so many different interesting places to visit !

It is said that there is an airfield every 60 kilometers and the majority are free of taxes (generally grass runway), AVGAS is around 2€ par liters.

But first of all you have to land in an airport of entry (as Le Touquet).

If you have no transportation in any airport you can connect to DRIVY to get a car at a cheap price for one or more

An idea is to come LFPU some km from FONTAINEBLEAU (SOUTH of Paris) and the well know Castel and also VAUX LE VICOMTE in the vicinity…then you can choose LFOZ or LFOT to visit « les chateaux de la Loire » and if you stay French coast, land LFAE to stay some hours at LE TREPORT, then LFRG to see TROUVILLE HONFLEUR (as NOE tell tou) and then go to LFRD or LFEB, nice places as well…

If you go LFRQ and south (LFBH) don’t forget Belle île LFEA

Let me know if you come LFPU…

LFPU, France

I would add :
- Colmar LFGA (maybe you already know the town)
- Carcassonne LFMK
- Le Castellet LFMQ, rent a car there and drive around Provence…
- Biarritz LFBZ, or Pau LFBP are nice too
- From LFPT, you can see Chantilly/Senlis and some other cool places,
- any island doable. I vote Ouessant LFEC or Oleron LFDP

Just a question : can you speak French on radio ?

LFOU, France

I can make circuit calls and generally make myself understood in French, but if anyone might get officious about French LP in an FR-only environment then count me out.

Have done La Rochelle and Dinard before.


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