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16.5 flight in my C182

I wrote up my recent non-stop flight in the 182, with some pictures etc. Not as comprehensive as Peter’s trip reports but hopefully of interest to some!

Kent, UK

Hey! That’s a great report! A very interesting read, I will read it all! :)

ESSZ, Sweden

Indeed and great night pictures of LA. Thanks.


Nice trip report Katamarino, very extreme indeed !!
After 16h you should be able to fly the 182 on engine/air sound and smell only

Paris/Essex, France/UK, United Kingdom

Thank you for sharing your website. Impressive flying and great pictures. Bookmarked!

always learning
LO__, Austria

Interview and short flight with Ross / Katamarino in his ATW C182R.

Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

Oh com’on Bosco and the rest of the gang… you guys are killing me!

Where am I supposed to find the time to watch all those super interesting videos, read all these books in real paper and all these books and reports in digital form? And all these u-tubes you keep posting???
I’m retired, and as such have no (ok, only very little) time on my hands (just finished vacuuming 2 floors in the house), and you guys force me into my reserves, even eating into my allocated sleep…

Please show some respect towards the elders, thanks

ain't the Destination, but the Journey
LSZF, Switzerland

That was quite some preparation, @Katamarino!

You will surely keep us posted when launching, right?

Again, I can barely keep up, but keep those magnificent stories coming!

LESB, Spain
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