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Trip to Munich

I need to visit a trade fair in Munich for a day next week. Having recently bought a SR22TN I thought it would be nicer to fly myself rather than take the Ryanair to Memmingen. I’ll be flying IFR and, as I’m flying from the UK, to avoid any intermediate stops I’ll need immigration (“Customs”).

The only airfield near Munich I’ve been to is Eggenfelden EDME but, although on the useful (east) side of Munich, it looks to be a long rail journey into Munich. Looking back at earlier threads, it looks like Augsburg EDMA was the recommended airport for GA. Any update on that? I can’t see any prior notice requirement for immigration control but will email the airport ‘just in case’. I must try to find out what noise category the SR22 falls into – seems to make a really big difference to costs at Augsburg!

Locals – would you recommend staying in Augsburg or Munich? And, if anyone in the area would like to meet up for a drink in Munich or Augsburg, evening of Thursday 17th, please PM me.


Cambridge EGSC

How about asking for PPR at EDNX? It is very close to Munich and maybe their 500 landings/year thing is not exhausted yet.
No customs there but you could do a short stop for example at Mannheim EDFM, have a cold drink, fly on to EDNX and have an affordable taxi ride. Might be faster and more enjoyable than flying to EDMA and renting a car etc.

And if you end up going to EDMA, I have never given them PPR for an IFR arrival from the UK.

EGTK Oxford

Hi Tim

my SR22 base is EDML. 65 km from Munich center, no IFR aporoach. Taxi to train station and 45 min train ride. Or i am there and guve you a lift :-)

EDMA is fine for IFR. No PPR necessary.

Or try a PPR for EDNX (close to center, VFR)

I’ll be back home from a trip Wednesday morning. If i were you i’d stay in Munich, if you have no place to stay let me know by PM!

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Many thanks for the ideas on this. EDNX looks a good one to get in the logbook! Their website seems to suggest that they haven’t used up all 500 landings yet this year, so I may apply. Would be great to be that close to Munich (closer than EDDM!) Just hope they wouldn’t mind a short notice cancellation if the weather was poor.

Cambridge EGSC

TJ, if you need a place to stay, i have a nice guest room in my office for visiting pilots. Brand new, Wifi, kitchen, printer, TV. For free, one day notice to arrange for the key. Perfect location in very nice neighborhood, just let me know.

Flyer59, many thanks for your generous offer – I’ll PM you.

Cambridge EGSC


I was searching on this web site for good airports around Munich. I am wanting to fly my SR22T to watch the Champions League game between Liverpool and Bayern Munich on 13 March.

Do the locals suggest I use EGMA? I plan to fly IFR. Would it be a train ride from there to the Bayern ground? And if anyone has a suggestion for hotels? I will be with my 18 year old son.

Thanks in advance

The sky is the limit
EGKB, United Kingdom

Yes, I suggest you use EDMA the first time you do this trip, since EDMA is a straight-forward, IFR, GA airport. Public transport to the stadium will be a bit complicated though.

Germans would probably use a App2Drive car located directly at the airport.
Or, they would fly to EDNX, but that is a non-straight-forward, strictly PPR, VFR-only airfield, so not ideal for you.

Note: Munich as a city is too rich, too green and too noise-sensitive to want a real GA airport/airfield nearby. They hate GA.

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Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

Allianz stadium is a taxi from EDMA.

EGTK Oxford
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