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To do list

Mine is:
- IR ME extension (scheduled this July)
- taking my foreign FAA IR written test to get a full piggyback licence so that I can rent an N reg twin (there are many of them in Europe)
- difference training on various twins (Cessna 310/340, 337, Baron) until I find the one I like, I’m already current on DA42
- finish my FI course
- get a full SPL (with cross country extension)
- get a PPL(H)
- as soon that it’s possible without setting up an ATO setting up my own flight school (So that my weekend sorties can be useful to someone)
- getting my BPL
- extending my microlight French licence to gyros, flexwings, and paragliders.
- built a hangar and start a collection of aircrafts…
I’m a long way behind schedule…

What is your todo list?

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Paris, France

Fly more
Going for the EIR, but probably not before end of next year due to family situation.


Piotr that’s quite exhausting, I need some help on the SPL and BPL acronyms. The Gatwick licensing department might cut you a bulk purchase deal.

My list is a bit prosaic, but ideally get some basic spannering skills although don’t think I would ever have the skills for a homebuilt.

There are a few types which would be nice to have in the logbook, mainly in the Trainer Liaison Artillery Observer class: Stinson, Auster, Argus, Stearman, Bucker, Bird dog, and O-2 Mixmaster.

Oxford (EGTK), United Kingdom

My major aviation goal is to afford pursuing my flying interests in 2024 and beyond… at which point my time will no longer be for sale (my higher level goal) and almost every day in my area will be a VFR flying day. Owning, flying and maintaining a two seat Pitts or Christen Eagle, or maybe a radial engined pre-war cabin classic, would be nice sub-goal at that point.

SPL: Sailplane
BPL: Balloon Pilot Licence

Paris, France

Great to see such dedication to The Great Cause

Mine is:

  • nice trips and meeting nice people
  • TKS installation in winter 16/17
  • 2×IFD540 sometime in 16/17
  • fly an F16
  • stay healthy and fit and eventually get the bus pass
Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Good thread. Lets me rethink my own aviation bucket list a bit.

working at:

  • Reactivate my IR (hopefully this year/winter)
  • Fly more….
  • becoming more confident again with longer trips.
  • finally get my BMI to a level where the flight suregon has nothing to complain about anymore.

if I ever get the chance:
- fly a Hawker Hunter
- fly a Citation
- reactivate my MEP rating
- possibly upgrade to either a TwinCom or a Seneca after I retire…
- Finally get to visit Oskosh..

LSZH(work) LSZF (GA base), Switzerland

Mine is….

Finish RV10 paint and get her airworthy.
Finish LAPL(H)
Build a hangar at home
Buy an enstrom 280fx

EGKL, United Kingdom

Mine is …
upgrade to the Aspen (will be done in 1 month)
fly to Marokko (planed for next year)
upgrade the CRI to FI IR (next year)
fly from Germany to the US with my Beech (somewhen)

EDDS , Germany

For me it’s simple enough.
To own an aircraft that can carry 3 people + bags, does 120Kts and that is cheap enough to run that I can afford to fly it without having to worry about the costs.

EIWT Weston, Ireland
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