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The absolute worst things in GA

I got the idea from here.

I will start with wearing a yellow jacket while eating lunch at Le Touquet.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Being treated like a baby by government agencies and airport operators.

EBST, Belgium

I’d say closing times at small airports. Of all the problems that we face, this must be one of the easiest to solve.

If can be very frustrating trying to go somewhere only to realise that the combination of opening times, speed, times zones, winds means that you won’t get to the destination until 6pm, and they close at 5pm, and they aren’t happy for you to land out of hours.

Out of hours arrivals must be so easy to solve, with just a one way gate to exit. Many of the smaller airfields don’t even have a fence, so all you really need is permission, yet many refuse point blank for an out of hours arrival.

EIKH Kilrush

The absolute worst things in GA

Not enough politicians doing enough to pass the right sort of laws to address concerns of GA.

How GA (UK?) is descriminated by both very big and very small airfields

Paris/Essex, United Kingdom

I would say loss of control in flight and CFIT would be on the top

Corona was the worst thing ever – for a short month. Right now it’s one of the better things that has happened when all the obviously unnecessary CAT operations have stopped. If it wasn’t for GA, I think ATC would have died from boredom by now


Looking at all the super new toys that are available but knowing there is no STC to use them in your aircraft, and the ones that don’t need an STC don’t meet the regulatory requirements for the flight you want to do.


The sh#tload of money it all takes… The others are just minor inconveniences.


Slots and PPR requirements at many airports which severely restrict our operations and take away the very flexibility we need.

Outpricing of small GA at many airports, together with compulsory handling requirements.

The fact that most airfields and even some airports are not considered infrastructure and treated accordingly but are private property and therefore subject to restrictions and attacks from politicians and property developers.

The ridiculously high pricing of new airplanes, caused by low numbers to recuperate horrendous certification, insurance and overhead cost.

LSZH, Switzerland

PPR requirements

PPR can be made a non-issue as is done in Norway. Just saying.

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