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Swiss Meetup on Saturday, March 7? (Lausanne)


Switzerland has been the subject of discussions here quite a bit during recent weeks.

Is anyone interested in a meetup somewhere on Saturday March 7? I’m planning to be in CH, probably going to the mountains on Sunday and work in Bern for the rest of the week.

I’m not sure yet if I fly in myself or by airline (though probably the latter as I will be self-flying two weeks later), but the meetup could involve flying or not. Ground-based alternative could just be lunch or dinner somewhere…

I’m rather flexible in terms of the location, anything between Zurich and Lausanne would seem okay.

I’ll target this at the usual suspects for CH, but anyone is welcome of course.

@Shorrick_Mk2 @molder @tomjnx @Mooney_Driver

Hungriger Wolf (EDHF), Germany

I would be up for this.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I’m in Germany, so I’m sorry

LSZK, Switzerland

I might well consider driving in, I enjoy driving almost as much as flying… and like as not the weather will be inclement for flying anyway. Plus that I am not qualified/equipped for night flying, yet can perfectly drive through the dark hours, and will still enjoy that very much. But with the current pricing and the current exchange rate I am reluctant to book any restaurant in Switzerland, it never was cheap but it’s been getting worse and worse, hitting my top margin now.

The same thing is happening in my own country, btw, I am less and less eating out. All the more reason to look forward to trips to decent places like Germany or Italy or Eastern Europe.

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EBZH Kiewit, Belgium




Not sure yet, I have stand by duty that day but will try to get rid of it.

LSZH(work) LSZF (GA base), Switzerland

Weather permitting, I’d be up for this as well.


I see there’s some interest from people to fly in to CH if the conditions are right.

I’ve set up a doodle poll to see which places folks would be happy to come to. For the flyers, I’ve based this around airfields. I added Interlaken because maybe others are also interested in combining this with skiing. I was in Wengen this weekend and might want to go again that weekend.

Click here to doodle!

I suggest anyone interested fill in their preferred, less preferred and no-go options within the week and we come to a preliminary decision by the end of a week.

@Jan_Olieslagers I’ll get in touch with you via a private message – we may be able to combine our inbound travel?

Hungriger Wolf (EDHF), Germany

I added Interlaken

Interlaken? Interesting, didn’t know you can fly there… OTOH I wouldn’t expect to be able to do it more than once 8-)

If you want to go skiing, go to Sion

LSZK, Switzerland
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