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As the title says, thought I'd start the ball rolling by discussing some GA urban myths!

1 - "you can't use GPS during your PPL training"

All you need to do is demonstrate visual nav without reference to radio aids or GPS on the 1st leg of your PPL skills test, that is it! As such, you need to be confident enough during your training to be able to do this, but there is absolutely no ban on using GPS during training!

2 - "you can log P2 when flying with your PPL mate"

Only one person can be PIC in an aircraft certified for single crew ops. In your usual GA machine that means whoever is acting as the commander can log PIC (sometimes called P1 as a military hangover) and everyone else is a passenger.

3 - "you log P1S for your hour with an instructor"

P1S is only for successful flight tests with an examiner, for example an IMC renewal or a SEP proficiency check. The hour with an instructor has to be logged as PU/T.

4 - "your hour with an instructor has to be one hour long flight"

Used to be true, now under EASA FCL it can be multiple flights but with the same instructor!

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Everybody knows my favourite:

"GPS is not authorised for primary navigation"

Totally false, and anyway there is no such thing as "primary navigation".

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If you turn downwind too quickly you will stall.....

Egnm, United Kingdom

An airplane stalls at a speed....

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  • You should not lean your engine below 5000ft.

  • Leaning your engine too much will destroy it.


Used to be true, now under EASA FCL it can be multiple flights but with the same instructor!

Alas not true FCL.740A (b)(ii)

— a training flight of at least 1 hour with a flight instructor (FI) or a class rating instructor (CRI). Applicants shall be exempted from this flight if they have passed a class or type rating proficiency check or skill test in any other class or type of aeroplane.

You are confusing the NPPL revalidation requirements and even then it can be any FI or CRI.

Your reference to logging P1S is only "guidance" the law is in Article 79 and could lead to a different interpretation.

Tumbleweed - have a look at the UK alternative means of compliance that is published for FCL 740A in CAP804 it specifically allows the hour flight to be split up

FI/FE(A) always willing to help!
Oxfordshire / Glocs

Vigdriver - Thanks for that, another change that crept in between amendments of 804. I note that none of this important stuff was mentioned in the on-line examiners brief!

I think its a good idea when stating a change to include the reference because information is now in so many different places its difficult to keep track of all the changes.

DAR has already stated mine - there is no such thing as stall speed. Stall angle, yes, and for a given wing configuration it never varies. But that same wing will stall at all sorts of speeds!

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One shouldn't use flaps in a turn? Mmm, not sure about that one.... A myth? Or good advice?

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