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ATPL Theory Course in Poland

I finally decided to go for a ATPL theory course.

A few years ago I already searched for an ATO and came across a school in Poland. I was very impressed bij the system in Poland. You pay one fee for all exams (incl resits) for the price you could do one (or two) exams in the Netherlands.

I decided to search for an ATO which is easy to travel to from my hometown (Eindhoven). Warsaw would be my first choice. I contacted three ATO’s (SmartAero, LOT Flying academy, Ventum Air). Only one ATO responded adequatly (I don’t want to name and shame, so will not mention which ATO), but I found some negative reviews of this ATO and I am not confident if this ATO would fit my needs.

Does anyone have experience with attending a ATPL theory course in Poland?

If you have any positive/negative experience with the mentioned ATO’s (or others), please send me a PM (I’ve seen too many negative remarks on other forums).

Thanks for your help.


You could do worse things than to look around, or even ask, at But perhaps you already did?

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Sure, I wouldn’t post here without researching first. I noticed that the reviews are either very old and/or negative (which could not represent the whole truth about the ATO). Therefore I would like to find people who have firsthand experience.


Hello All.
This is my first post here, even though I “listen” to your conversations since some time, and enjoy it so much.
As I may contribute to the thread I decided to write down my personal opinion and experience in a subject.

Recently I attended ATPL theory course in Poland (as I live here and I am Polish).
Unfortunately none of any ATO’s JKV is mentioning and not in Warsaw.

Generally in Poland ATPL theory at most ATOs is held as a distance learning, where significant time of the course student is studying at home.
In addition there are several ground lectures, mostly held on weekends at ATO premises.

At the end of course, student must pass internal exam (usually online) to pass the course, and receive a document base on which can register at Polish CAA (ULC) for examination.

Here comes the devil for foreigners:

All courses materials are in english, CAA(ULC) exams are in english as well, but lectures are held mostly in polish.
Hard for me to judge why, but I think majority instructors in PL doesn’t really feel as english proficient enough to host lectures in english.
That may be even the reason that JKV feels ignored by some of the ATOs by not replying to his e-mails.

I don’t have a knowledge which ATO is capable of making lectures in english, I may ask my fellow pilots and research that a bit, if you guys are still interested.



You may want to look around schools in Hungary as well. Tréner in Nyíregyháza and CAVOK in Budapest certainly do courses in English and probably also the other schools (FlyTeam, Pannon Air Service) in or near Budapest. From Eindhoven Budapest is just as reachable as Warsaw and you can fly to Debrecen for Nyíregyháza. Prices should be similar to those in Poland.

Hajdúszoboszló LHHO
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