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Looking for ATO to do MEP (LAND)

Bathman wrote:

Just looking at that L200 panel. I can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t learn on that. It’s looks cool.

Well, yes, but there are so many levers and they all look identical! :)


This one.

That is masochism, surely?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I have met three people who went to the Diamond Academy in Kalmar, Sweden. All spoke very positively about it. Don’t know how competitive the pricing is, but the training is apparently excellent (and the accommodation is on the airfield and in an old manor house)

Stapleford (EGSG), Denham (EGLD)

I have only heard good things about Diamond Flight Academy in Kalmar. Another well know ATO here is Kungsair Training in Borlänge. They usually have lowish prices as well.

ESSZ, Sweden

Oldest_Co wrote:

Looking for suggestions and good/bad experience on an ATO to do a MEL in EASA country

Where are you from? You can learn on a Partenavia near Frankfurt/Main, could do the contact, but don’t have any quote.

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