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CPL theory where?

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Where did you went guys for EASA CPL theory without paying fortune?


To start with, I suggest a search.

It depends on how far you want to travel, etc.

You can do it in Greece too AFAIK.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I’ve done it (ATPL th) in distance course at Mermoz. You have a 2 weeks kick-off session in Paris, then after you have books/on-line apps for the content, and another app/portal for training with supports and teachers available, but I suggest to get a sub with an on-line content provider such as easy-atpl or a similar along with it. Their database wasn’t the best.
At the time (mid 2019), it was 3000 to 3500 euro.

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LFMD, France

You can do ATPL theory in Croatia for 1500 EUR but you have purchase training material on top of that (some 700 EUR at Bristol Ground School).

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

@Peter that information is bit outdated, and Greece is the best for nice beaches and good Gyros.


Muckey, since you know the answers, are you really in Albania?

In 2011 I was offered the 14 JAA “ATPL” exams for €5 each at Athens. Whereas the UK ones were in the region of £100 each. Egnatia at Kavala (I was there a few times) were doing that.

So has Greece stopped doing all written exams? In that case how about CATS in the UK? You get structural icing on the beaches, the food is crap, Gyros is made from stray cats and dogs (it could be in Greece too, actually, and prob99 is made from them in Corfu) but you get gold plated exam passes which guarantee you a €150k Captain position with any airline within 12 months (only kidding but all the big old FTOs make these sorts of claims on social media, while slagging off the “3rd world” ones).

In the end you need to do this stuff where they do it in English, and I mean proper English, and where they use material which somebody went through and got rid of some errors.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

@Peter the Gyros is mostly crap – true, but Greece has much better food to offer than Gyros, I just forgot to write that I prefer areas without Homo Balcanicus types with too much erected egos (both men and woman) where for example flight instructor is so arrogant and cocky like he or she is “teaching” not simple stuff (landing Cessna or another small A/C ) but landing the allmighty F-35. But okay – you believe I should give Kavala shot? I was thinking that they teach only integrated courses.

Last Edited by muckey at 17 Apr 14:13

I’ve been to Greece a few times.

I was not impressed with the Kavala (they have since moved from LGKV – this may be relevant) outfit. See my JAA IR writeup. Quite arrogant, especially telling me I must wear the full Col Gaddafi uniform in the Greek heat in a DA42 greenhouse “because we are a professional school”! But there were positives, like staying in the very pleasant Keramoti, which is much nicer than Luton (CATS). In the end I did my JAA IR locally at EGKA (that opportunity vapourised after a few months, as they usually do). Egnatia did do the 7-exam JAA IR back then, and one came out with a SE IR and ME IR in one go. Now EASA wants the medical to be in the same country as the license and they solved that “imaginatively”; no idea about today’s process. Don’t know what Egnatia is like today. I suggest you drop in and judge.

With all training, you have to balance the various factors. Older people tend to be cash-rich and time-poor and pay €€€€ for a local option. Younger people care less about comfort and often do residential stuff (cheaper, and you get your mates living in the same hotel to do your assignments for you).

I love Greece for many reasons and would have gone to Egnatia if it was “nicer”.

Actually you may be right that Egnatia doesn’t do exams without flight training, but you need to do the flying somewhere…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I know offers a 3390 euro package for distance learning CPL theory (with BGS) including brush-ups via virtual class room.
eventually you may go to their center in San Marino to attend the theoreticall examination, they are an Austrocontrol testing center.

Also take a look at Caledonian Advanced Pilot Training. I would say this very much suits “self starters”. You won’t get spoon fed, but it is cost effective.

EGBP, United Kingdom
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