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EASA Air Law and Human Factors recommendations?

I figure I can use the time while I’m moving, and waiting for my plane to show up in France, to get a start on the Air Law and Human Factors stuff I need to get an EASA PPL on top of my FAA one. So a couple of questions…

1. Is it the same in every country? Can I buy a book published e.g. for Ireland and still have good info for France? Or does each country have its own interpretation?
2. Any recommendations for actual books or online resources?



KPAO, United States

Are you looking for books in French or English?
If you are happy with French all PPL students in the clubs tend to use one book. You can get it through the Boutique or SIA, FFA or Aeroclub.
I don’t think you can take the PPL exams in English but I might be wrong, you can with the IR or CBIR. I did some of my IR exams in French (law) for instance and others in English (communications) as they seemed to me to be simpler to learn in those languages.
Although this is a biased opinion I think the law exam is better to learn in the French as French and English grammar have certain subtle differences so when it comes to answering multiple choice in French sometimes the choices look very similar.


AFAIK the questions are country specific. The German PPL questions were very German in the way they were formulated (says the guy who did about 10k Multiple Choice questions as part of his professional eduction). Either the translators were very good at putting in exactly the kind of confusing, bureaucratic lingo that is the hallmark of German MC questions, or, as I suspect, these were written by Germans, for Germans, with a cursory glance at EASAs PPL TK.

Novice pilot
EDVM Hildesheim, Germany

There are places in where you can pass PPL EASA exams in English, for example
Question bank should mostly be the same, I think, but you can ask those people…


Don’t waste time or money on a human factors book if your goal is only to pass the exam. That stuff is trivial but (at least in the German QB) there are some weirdly phrased questions which you must have seen before in order to correctly answer these. I passed almost all of my training exams before my human factors course but in the end almost failed the real exam because of two very ambiguously phrased questions.

EDQH, Germany

johnh wrote:

1. Is it the same in every country? Can I buy a book published e.g. for Ireland and still have good info for France? Or does each country have its own interpretation?

The syllabus for the PPL theoretical knowledge is only very broadly described in the regulations (part-FCL) so individual countries have substantial freedom to fill in the details as they see fit.

This is in contrast to the CPL, ATPL and the Instrument Rating, where the regulations described the theoretical knowledge in great detail.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Thanks for the answers! I’ll probably do the actual tests in French, since that’s where I’ll be. I understand that the questions are more about knowing how to answer them than about the actual material, but it still seems reasonable to try and get to know the subject itself. I’ll try and buy the French book, though that will probably have to wait until I’m physically in the country.

KPAO, United States
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