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Stapleford Flying Club, UK

With lockdowns hopefully easing I’m thinking of brushing down my pipe dream of doing an ME / IR (PPL).

If anyone has done this at SFC let me know. It’s right next door but I don’t know any of the instructors so after recommendations.

It’s a nice place to get an MEIR, good instructors, competitive prices and buisness oriented
Runway is a bit short for banging TnGs in heavy under powered twin with one engine
Especially, when 1/2 uphill bit is wet grass but I am sure you will go elsewhere

PS: I fly a syndicate aircraft there and always had good relationship with the school (but no longer friends with maintenance )
I would have done MEIR there to “fill the flying gap these days” (but I am 900km away)

Last Edited by Ibra at 23 Feb 10:00
Paris/Essex, United Kingdom

@ibra – thanks. do you know the instructors? can you PM if you can recommend one?

Maybe @RobertL18C knows more on MEP/MEIR sides ?

Last Edited by Ibra at 23 Feb 13:13
Paris/Essex, United Kingdom

I’ve been offered a choice of

Chris S
Jon O
Stuart D
Richard P?

I worked with Chris S for several years. He is a consummate professional. Very happy to recommend him without reservation. PM me if you want to talk.

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