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Renewed attempt to visit Sweden

2 years ago I posted our intention to fly to Sweden for a 5-6 days trip. We received a lot of interesting tips and advices. Because of COVID we sort of last minute canceled the trip, but now it is on again. So maybe you have additional or changed tips? We fly C182, VFR, and are also looking for nice restaurants….

Also I would appreciate tips on fuelling. We fly from Netherlands, and a stop in Germany rather than Danmark was already advised. Very keen to hear your ideas


Hi Jaapfly – like you we are planning a much delayed trip up to Sweden in mid June.

SportCruiser based in UK and initial thoughts are UK – EHTX/Texel – EDXW/Sylt – ESMT/Halmstad – ESVS/Siljansnas. Siljansnas is a great looking Airpark although I haven’t had a response yet to an enquiry if it is possible to base there for a few days. Interesting locality and good restaurants are important to keep my P2 happy

On a previous trip up to EKRK/Roskilde we stopped at EDXB/Heide-Buesum for fuel and lunch. They were very friendly and efficient.

Baxterley (nr EGBB) -Husbands Bosworth, United Kingdom

Hej @jaapfly – welcome to Sweden!

Are there any specific geographical areas or interests that you would like to see or do? I’ll be happy to give advice, so are probably the other Swede’s on this forum.

@grahamg, Halmstad is nice, but with limited opening hours during weekend. If you accept grass runways (in good condition), Höganäs Flygklubb (ESMH) is always very forthcoming. They usually offer both 100LL, Hjelmco 91/96UL and JetA1 IIRC. It’s probably one of the most active aero clubs in southern Sweden in terms of visitors and people availability at the club.

@martin-esmi Thanks for that info – grass is fine for us as we fly from a Farm strip. Now looking at Höganäs again and other comments agree with your suggestion. Can you suggest other places further North that are interesting/active. Fortunately we have about 10 days available and looking to explore.

Baxterley (nr EGBB) -Husbands Bosworth, United Kingdom

I guess that in the southern third of Sweden (mind the huge distances!), the GA highlights still remain:

  • Varberg (restaurant)
  • Fjällbacka
  • Visingsö
  • Visby + Bunge
  • Ölanda
  • Stegeborg (food!)
  • Siljansnäs
  • Älvdalen, if you fancy a challenging strip
Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

Thank you both !

We have never been to Sweden, in fact nowhere in Scandinavia! So, we welcome all tips: what is flyable (time, fuel availability) and interesting. We learned that distances are impportant, so airfield 1 hour drive from hotels and restaurants will ben no option, but that is exactly the struggle at the moment……
We hear all kind of stories, but very depending on what the budget is, means of transport (car, public, etc) , but all are enthousiastic about Sweden! And for us, also grass no problem.

Until sofar we plan to fly from the Netherlands to EDXO (Peter Ording airfield) for fuel, ESGP (Goteborg) for first night, next leg to Gottland island (ESVB) for 2nd night, and after that…..??


Jaapfly wrote:

We fly C182, VFR, and are also looking for nice restaurants….

I recommend Stegeborg ESVE. There is a very nice restaurant at a marina some 10 minutes walk from the airfield, also a castle ruin with a garden which makes for an interesting visit. They advertise a fuel price of SEK 22/litre, but that must be old information. Also, you must arrange for refuelling in advance. Beware of the 120’ hill some 350 m beyond the departure end of RWY 25. You would most probably need to calculate take-off performance using a considerably shorter take-off distance than the advertised 800 m. On the other hand some tailwind on departure from RWY 07 is acceptable as there are no obstacles (over water departure). A 182 shouldn’t have any problems with a steep approach to RWY 07 if you want to hit the threshold.

Another suggestion is Visingsö ESSI (scroll down for English). Visingsö is an island in Lake Vättern. The airfield is at the extreme northern end of the island but you can rent bikes and go ≈7 km to the main village or about 20 km to the southern end of the island. Nice things to see and places to eat. A tourist destination that doesn’t feel that touristy. No fuel, unfortunately.

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ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Welcome to Sweden!
Most airfields in Sweden are very friendly and all “non-commercial” airports are more or less without landing fee. However, the main issue I find is that it a lot of times is a struggle to get away from the airfield and into a nearby town. The contry side is scarcely populated and not every community has a taxi service. Luckily at most places there are friendly club members that might be able to help you with transportation but that must be prearranged of course.

So make sure that you either contact the aeroclub before arrival or you choose a destination close to the city centre.

A lovely area on the way to Siljansnäs is Dalsland and Värmland where you have beautiful lakes and forests. There are not many airstrips in Dalsland but Värmland have Arvika(ESKV), Sunne(ESKU), Torsby(ESST), Munkfors(ESKO), Hagfors(ESOH), Ekshärad(ESKH), Brattforsheden(ESSM old military grass strip from WW2).
Close to Siljansnäs in the region of Dalarna you also have Malung(ESVM) and Dala-Järna(ESKD) which are close to town and with beautiful surroundings.

Fly safe!

ESSZ, Sweden

Thank you for the usefull info. A question: how about communication? Is there any FIS, and do the airfields have manned towers, or air-to-air? And another thing, is there 4G everywhere? When I watch Scandinavian crime series in TV, they very often have no signal…..but is that reality? Being used to 4G always and everywhere, it’s hard to imagine you can’t use your phone….but better be prepared if that’s the case.


In Sweden we don’t use separate channels between IFR and VFR, it’s the same controllers managing both. Take a look through this thread: and you will understand. It’s quite easy and ATC are very used to VFR traffic, getting clearance through CTRs or TMAs are rarely an issue. We do Class C and G in Sweden. Just keep track of which airspace you are in and don’t forget to request clearance.

Up north, the cellular coverage is scarce between cities, thus do not expect to have a cellular connection when overflying scarcely populated areas.

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