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Rallye Club brake parts?

I was told that Rallye Club used brake shoes, cylinders and pistons from some old car – either Citroen or Renault. Is that true? And if it is, can anyone give a hint of which car it was? Thanks,


What brake parts do you need? I have many friends. Many friends with many Rallye’s in many parts.

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One brake seems to leak. So it might need only new rubber gaskets but never know for sure before opening.


The Socata TB range uses standard American made Cleveland wheels and brakes. Very easy to get from usual aviation sources.

Did the Rallye use French wheel parts?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I presume you have all the manuals? If not pm me.

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EIBR, Ireland

Illustrated parts catalogue provides the part numbers, but Socata has been generally known to rebadge some automotive parts indeed.

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Automotive brakes use a different fluid from aviation brakes.
Cylinders are not compatible with the other fluid.
Original Jodel cylinders were auto. Later Robin replacements were aviation. The lot had to be changed, with piping rinsed out.

EGPE, United Kingdom

I seem to remember that the flare on aviation brake lines and presumably fittings is different from that on automotive brake lines.

@Rallye may know.


No @Jujupilote,i have no idea.My plane is in CDN,so no choice, only Socata spare parts.A friend said me that the keys are the same keys than a citroen,i even ignored it.
For your other question (sorry i forgot) concerning the corrosion exam every 6 months or 100 h,it is F-1982-089 (A) .
Best regards

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