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Portoroz LJPZ (Piran) Meet-up 5-7 Sep 2015

We normally have two fly-ins each year, plus a number of smaller meet-ups in between.

In May we did Prague LKPR, which turned out to be a great location and a good number turned up.

Now, for September, we are going to Slovenia. For accessibility to all, the airport needs Customs/Immigration, avgas, and if possible instrument approaches. And since a coastal location is always so much more interesting, we are going to Portoroz LJPZ.

This fly-in replaces the previously planned one at Venice because it was discovered there is a film festival there.

Portoroz is a really nice well organised airfield, hard runway, no PPR/PNR, Customs available all the time (also no PNR), avgas 100LL.

It also has a VOR approach so is “IFR capable”.

I have emailed them and received an instant reply that the dates are fine.

Most parking is on grass, which is of good quality, and there is some hard parking.

Outstanding food and everything works

Contact details

I am doing a new mailing so everybody should know. However, lots of people still end up with many emails (especially any that contain a URL, it seems) in their spam box, so I suggest you whitelist at your spam filtering setup. That will also make sure that you receive private messages from others on EuroGA and receive any configured notifications.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

Outstanding food and everything works

How boring

LSZK, Switzerland

I am moving some useful info from the previous thread here:

From Petakas

Some possible dates:

4,5,6 July – Portoroz LJPZ (4th is a Friday so this gives a margin for bad wx on the Friday)
7,8 July – Brac LDSB (down the road from Mali Losinj, bigger and very scenic, with great boat trips to Hvar and Split)
9,10 July – Athens LGAV (the first 2-day slot of the Tatoi event)
11+ July – a trip around Greece – we will probably do two islands over a week or so

My plan will be a departure to LJPZ on the 4th, arriving lunchtime.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

a fax as the only means of PPR compliance

That shouldn’t put you off, of all people

Other than that, which airfield are you talking about? Never had any of the above at San Nicolò

LSZK, Switzerland

There was a smiley

One can never get this 100% right for everyone.

Look at the La Rochelle fly-in in 2013. IMHO, many of the people who voted for it, and I saw the names, (David put in a huge amount of work to create the poll feature) were actually not in a position to ever fly there! (Incidentally I think most of them don’t participate in the forum). The wx then messed it up, which was unavoidable. But still a number turned up.

Then we had really brilliant fly-ins in 2014: Mali Losinj and Corsica. Corsica was marred only by the poor parking surface (which IMHO somebody ought to have pointed out long beforehand) and then by the French going on strike so there was no avgas (which was unavoidable) which made getting there (or back) take a couple of hours longer.

In May 2015 we had a really good meet-up in Prague.

The unspoken rule here at EuroGA is that the location has to be inclusive i.e. good for both men and women, aviation and non-aviation people, and that rules out a lot of places, and rules out most big aviation events (they tend to be a “grass roots” kind of thing).

Ultimately, because no substantial deposits were taken from the participants, half the people will cancel at short notice, due to family issues etc. Anybody who has ever been organising anything will know exactly what I mean.

And we are lucky here at EuroGA because we have a lot of pilots who “go places”. Normally, you would struggle because perhaps 90% of the pilots in any given country will never fly abroad, which makes a “European” meet-up impossible.

Of course, I am only an admin/mod here, and it is open for anybody to put up a suggestion and drive it forward. I do these things only because of this

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The change of location doesn’t change my plans I’m coming to Portoroz. BTW Piran (the city also close to LJPZ, maybe 2 km to the North of Portoroz) is more scenic with much better restaurants.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

I am looking for an AirB&B place in Piran, too.

It’s amazing how AirB&B has transformed this job! You get so much more choice, and you can get a whole apartment with 2 bedrooms for the cost of a fairly basic hotel room for one person.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

It’s amazing how AirB&B has transformed this job! You get so much more choice, and you can get a whole apartment with 2 bedrooms for the cost of a fairly basic hotel room for one person.

+1 !

AirB&B rocks !!!

This has opened up thousands of new week-end destinations for us roving GA pilots .

What is really cool is that many hosts will come and collect you at the local airfield as well – just ask !


As Emir mentions, if you’re not into the hotel after hotel along the beach style, then head to Piran instead.

It’s a beautiful small village. Some pictures can be found in this thread

One time I came cruising into Piran (o) minus any hotel reservation, riding until the road ended at the harbor. Walking into the hotel at the end of the road revealed that a giant bus had just arrived and filled the hotel… which indicated that I probably didn’t want to stay there regardless of it being full! The owner, manager, whatever he was proceeded to walk around with me until finding a perfectly reasonable room associated with the bar across the street. It was €30 or something like that, ridiculously inexpensive, and so I spent the money saved on a very nice dinner.

People there are very helpful!

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