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Piaggio introduces the new Avanti P180 EVO.

New version just announced at Ebace. Now they’ve increased range to 1750nm, reduced noise signature by 68%, given it redesigned nacelles, props and front wing and winglets. Still the fastest turboprop in the world at 402kt. Actually, it’s over 100kts faster than a King Air with the same engines…

This has always been a bit of a dream plane for me.


Reduced noise signature by 68%

They’re a really cool plane, with a unique sound. I wonder what that actually means?

The earlier P.166 shares the unique sound. A friend of mine lives under one of the typically Italian 1000 ft AGL (or less?) VFR corridors south of Rome. Whether its a P.180 or P.166 steaming by fast and low, you sure know what it is. Makes you know you’re in Italy

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Still the fastest turboprop in the world at 402kt.

Far from it. The fastest turboprop is the Tu-95 at 510 knots. It has been the fastest turboprop for half a decade, and will continue to be the fastest until they are too old to operate in 2040 or thereabout.

The elephant is the circulation

A King Air B250 cruises at 310kts on 850shp PT6s, so not “over 100kts faster”

Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)

Is there another source than Wikipedia for the 510 KT claim? It is so much faster than any other turboprop and a fair share of all jets that I think a little cold-war scepticism and applied aerodynamics should be in order. For one thing, I do not think 510 KT is even close to attainable without all of the 32 propeller tips going supersonic – imagine the associated noise, power requirement and efficiency loss. Yes, I know those engines are powerful, but still.
claims 490 KTS.

“fastest turboprop for half a decade” – if it is, which I donot really question, I think it is more like half a century.

Whatever the truth about TU-95/-114, the Avanti is an impressive classic in its own time.

EKRK, Denmark

I can find no source for those 510 knots; Wikipedia mentions “only” 470 which is of course still very impressive. The 470 figure seems dependable, at least there is a reference to sources.

The 490 figure given by huv is for the Tu-95 bomber with its slimmer fuselage, and might well be the true all-time max speed for a turboprop.

But the whole point is moot: the beautiful Piaggio is still the fastest turboprop available today.

Particularly well done that this design could persuade buyers of the advantages of the unusual canard design, which the Beech Starship could not manage.

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EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

the advantages of the unusual canard design

One remark: there is not really a true canard design with the Avanti since a canard is defined by an elevator at the aircraft’s front, which is obviously not the case here.

However, great plane!

Maybe that’s why its an “unusual canard” :p

United Kingdom

Not even that, no need for defining a new aircraft design; it is simply a three wings plane, nothing ‘unusual’ ;)

Interestingly, the elevator you see on the front wing of the Piaggio is actually a compensator for the flap. One of the things you get when the main wing is behind CG (or is it centre of lift?), is a pitch down moment when you deploy flaps. This is why canards rarely have flaps. So, to compensate the nose from dipping the Piaggio deploys elevator/front flaps automatically. It’s a neat design.

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