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Perfect PDF-Reader for IFR Charts for Android?

Hi aviation fellows,

can anyone suggest me the best PDF Reader for IFR charts on my Android tablet?

Following features should be available:

  • Quick 90° Rotating button
  • Easy highlighting pen function
  • Index possibility, to pre-open different charts in an index (Star, App, Taxi…) and have them available instantly
  • A pen button, to use my touchpen and writing down notes
  • quick loading of charts, when opening and when zooming in/out
  • Possiblity of vertical scrolling, if one document contains more pages

I already tried different apps, but none of them really made me happy yet. I dont want to use big software, like rocketroute or similar. I use Autorouter for planning and get the charts on my tablet. I would of course pay a few Euros for a good PDF Software.

The best I found was NitroPDF so far.

Any suggestions are highly welcome :-)

Thanks, David

I use GoodRerader (although on iPad) but I don’t know whether it’s available for Android.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Thanks for your reply, unfortunatly Goodreader is only for iOs… :/

Why not use the RocketRoute App? Can do all of that on its Android app..

I use this on iOS but they seem to have it on Android too.

It accepts georeferenced PDFs/TIFFs as well.


Skydemon overlay IFR approach, I don’t like the interface its complicated and you punch easily the wrong tab when your flying but it works Okayisch. Here the log of a recent ILS approach for training. AP didn’t couple in GS so I had to disconnect at some point :-).

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I use xodo reader on Android (but not for IFR plates, having just finished my PPL). Rotating 90 degrees required a few clicks, but the rotation is remembered, so that should likely be good enough? Can make bookmarks, quick page-turning, and scribbilng works too.

I think it’s free, so worth a try.

LSZH, Switzerland
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