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Flying IFR in uncertified aircraft

Really interesting story of an austrian going around the world in a dynamic WT9 Link

There is a link to translate his website in english through google translate.

It seems that some legs were flown IFR. How is this possible ? Seems the WT9 can be EASA / LSA certified but LSA explicitly excludes IFR. How could one go around it ?

What I've been told is this: For things like the UK to Cape Town record breaker flight in the RV, the UK CAA gives a permission to fly IFR, with an unwritten understanding to not do it in Eurocontrol airspace.

So the European bits are filed "VFR".

I am not suggesting anybody does this but I wonder what would happen if you did try to file a Eurocontrol flight plan in a non IFR type. Would the aircraft type be in Eurocontrol's ICAO code list?

Obviously you could file a flight plan using an ICAO code that is IFR (I very much doubt they check if the reg # maps onto the ICAO code) but I am not suggesting that anybody tries that

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

In Egypt, there exists only IFR. VFR pilots just file IFR flight plans and consider this to be CVFR.

Eurocontrol does not perform any database lookups regarding registration, airplane type and approved flight modes. Remember the case of that notorious Mexian/Iranian criminal in Berlin that bought a Learjet from the museum in Altenrhein/Switzerland and flew that happily around Europe without a pilot license, CoA, maintenance, etc. until he made the mistake of running out of fuel in Denmark?

Remember the case of that notorious Mexian/Iranian criminal in Berlin that bought a Learjet

Bad example. A Lear 24 is a CS25 aircraft and IFR certified, so it would be ok.

Eurocontrol does not perform any database lookups regarding .... airplane type....

Eurocontrol does perform database lookups. There is a model in BADA database, to give data about max. altitude, max flight level, cruise and approach speeds and other information. I recently had issues with that as my AC11 data was updated with the normal aspirated version data, so I wasn't able to put a flight plan in for any level higher than FL170.

EGBE - Coventry, United Kingdom

Eurocontrol does check the filed ICAO type against the performance figures but sometimes this is wrong. For example the TRIN type was limited to FL190 or 200. I got them to increase this to FL240 for the TB21 which is also TRIN.

I was amazed that nobody had raised that before in the preceding 15+ years in which the TB21 had been around, given how much better the upper airways are!

However it is obvious (from some unintended cockups) that the reg and type are not checked for consistency.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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