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Raptor - 300kts, 130k usd, 7gph jet-a1

Have a look at Raptor 2.0 😬

EBST, Belgium

airways wrote:

Have a look at Raptor 2.0 😬

The saga is over. Peter’s credibility crashed with the Raptor and one can only be relieved that there were no casualties.
Interestingly, he did not pull the chute. Probably did not want to experiment with the experimental setup…

I found the videos of the build very interesting and the concept of publishing such a project an eye opener. But the design was severely flawed and the promises were outrageous. I am still wondering how so many people believed him.

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland

Flyingfish wrote:

The saga is over.

Oh, no, it isn’t! Look at Raptor NG!

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ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

It will all depend on if he can convince more useful idiots investors to put down deposits funding him and his (mis-)adventures.

Biggin Hill

I can’t see this happening again. This is why I said his credibility is gone.
America seems to be replete with incredibly naive dreamers, but so much egg on the face is going to be a major challenge for Peter to overcome.
It would be unfair to omit the recognition for his incredible build effort. In many ways he has made a great gift to the GA community and I credit him for giving me courage and ambition.
But the project itself, the way it was brought to market were ahem … what more can be said.

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland
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