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Are there any homebuilts in Greece, and what are the airspace rules etc?

Just that question

I have asked on a Greek GA FB group but it produced zero feedback.

Or has anyone seen an SX-reg homebuilt?

This topic came up in the context of homebuilts being able to fly IFR in Greece.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom


they donĀ“t care, as long as you pay handling passenger and landing fees. And you need to reserve a parking spot. Even if there is no other movment at the airport for the whole month.

EDTQ / Sarentino

That’s not my experience from many trips to Greece – some here They do like silly regs in places but on the whole there are very few problems flying around Greece.

LeSving said homebuilts can fly IFR in Greece (and other places) but I can’t find any evidence either way. Most ECAC-reg homebuilts have “VFR-only” on their permit, which means they cannot fly IFR anywhere, but if SX-reg ones don’t have that restriction then they can fly IFR in Greek airspace, and any other airspaces where this is not prohibited.

It’s not good saying that one can stay below the radar. Sure, one can do that in many places, especially if one lives in a discreet hangar and flies infrequently and only locally, quickly out and back in. I have known of planes in the UK which “didn’t exist” i.e. had a totally fake reg. So all sorts of things are “possible” with careful management of one’s profile.

But one’s insurance is void if the flight is illegal.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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