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First flight of the SkiGull


The more I read about this aircraft, the more I like it. It’s simply inspiring.


Combine STOL from all surfaces with ocean going range

Impressive, his 47th type and in his eighth decade, thanks for the link

Oxford (EGTK), United Kingdom

I would love one.

Forever learning

Why the specific reference to wheel bearing temps on the test card? Any specific reason why they would be an area of concern?

I guess that this is because the wheels are tiny, so they will turn so fast that this is a concern.

Biggin Hill

Yes, good point. High surface speed on the bearings, and probably limited on the size of bearing that can be used too.

Plus probably not much air flow over them for cooling.

Forever learning

Another example of a plane that just looks right!

Sadly, amphibians aren’t very useful in the southern UK. I imagine they are great on the coast in Norway though.


jwoolard wrote:

I imagine they are great on the coast in Norway though

It would be perfekt for that and å whole bunch og other tings. Er can only cross our Fingers and hope this will be available as a kit, but I’m not so sure.


On water it will probably do good, on grass strips not sure, in deep snow it will be sitting like a pregnant duck. Anyway, very cool design.

EDTQ / Sarentino
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