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What are you building/flying ?

I have to hurry starting a thread before I’m off for the rest of the week from early tomorrow morning with very little chance of writing here

I am building an RV-4 and a Onex. The RV-4 I started ages ago (it seems), and got interrupted by a “new” wife and refurbishing of the house and a busy job. So I wanted to have something quicker “in the mean time” and bought a Onex kit that hopefully will fly next summer (it’s about 85% done, “only” rigging left).

Here is a fairly recent picture of the polished fuselage:


Beautiful! Building not one but TWO airplanes – I doff my hat, Sir!

Wow, kudos to you!

My wife and I are just about to embark on an RV-14: tools and practice kits arrived on Friday and we’re getting the garage ready.


jwoolard wrote:

My wife and I

Wow, not many people get their wives involved. Must be one of the first -14 in Europe also?


LeSving both types are interesting, please post more on progress.

I take this thread as an opportunity for the EuroGA Non Certified community to introduce themselves.

My Super Cub 90 is Annex 2 so technically UK CofA. It is based at Andrewsfield where there is a good community of Annex 2, and homebuilts, mainly aerobatic.

Will try and make it to the May 6 reunion, but hopefully the non-certified operators might in due course organise a fly in, or get together at one of the many vintage/home builder fly in that take place in Europe.

By the number of fly-ins of this type across Europe, and they tend to be well attended, I would suggest this sector in GA is growing.

Oxford (EGTK), United Kingdom

Beautiful polishing work.

Hope you are doing the same with the RV4, probably my favourite of all the Vans, although not very practical. Never understood the appeal of the RV8, it looks ugly compared to the 4.

Put me down for a “non-certified” fly-in. Although the Super Cub I fly is certified, I think it still fits in this category. I wasn’t sure about Peter’s category name of “Non-Certified” for this reason, but I don’t have a better suggestion. Vintage aircraft belong here too, certified or non-certified.

ortac wrote:

Put me down for a “non-certified” fly-in.

I can recommend the Texel fly-in, which is positioned quite central and is well attended by non certified aircraft like RV and Europas. Camping under the wing is possible and it’s a very friendly atmosphere. This year it was unfortunately cancelled due to bad weather.


Beter recommend a meeting in France, with NO mandatory ELT’s and transponders and perhaps more such nonsense.
The RSA meet-up used to be third weekend of July, at Vichy-Charmeil LFLV, and was always very nice, though sadly a bit smaller year after year.
There is a Belgian homebuilders meet , too, but it is at Maillen EBML which is (theoretically) ULM-only, and with only 400 metres of grass runway.
And of course Schaffen-Diest EBDT in mid-August.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Jan_Olieslagers wrote:

There is a Belgian homebuilders meet , too, but it is at Maillen EBML which is (theoretically) ULM-only, and with only 400 metres of grass runway.
And of course Schaffen-Diest EBDT in mid-August.

Better recommend a meeting in a country without a required entry permission for 80 EUR for homebuilts Come on, Jan – Ed and his Crew at Texel are not responsible for the ELT-nonsense. I can assure you, that the atmasphere IS great – for sure we can arrange a shuttle for you


I am fully willing to believe you, and surely it is none of the organiser’s fault; but the requirements for transponder and ELT are in the AIP, AND I have heard stories (from dependable participants of this very same forum!) of aircraft impounded in NL for lack of an ELT. I agree the transponder requirement can be dealt with by remaining below 1200’, in that billiard-like terrain that is not really a hardship.

And no, I am not proud of my own country regarding the entry-fee nonsense – but I do wonder how many of the regulars at Schaffen actually pay it. I can only repeat my recommendation for Vichy – if it is indeed to be Vichy in 2016, there is nothing in their calendar website beyond September 2015.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium
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