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Is this a cool airplane?

Adam, what do you think about THIS ? :-)

I think that’s a great idea, and it should be a cool airplane. Have never heard about it before, somebody on COPA just talked about it

If it would be a good airplane they would hardly sell it after only 200 hours, would they? The red leather interior alone would be enough reason not to buy it

EDDS - Stuttgart

So airplanes sold after 200 hours are bad airplanes? How much do you know about the reasons why they sell it? A fed leather interior was very popular in many classic cars and planes. Mercedes 300 SL gullwimg, for example. Of course you don’t have to like it, but i don’t think it’s tasteless.

I believe Adam has originated threads here and there on this plane… as I remember he met the builder and liked the whole thing.

Last Edited by Silvaire at 12 Dec 23:39

It’s a beautiful plane. The builder Oscar is just that, more of a builder and inventor than a flyer. He loses interest once it’s done. He’s working on his new rocket with a 1000hp PT6 that will only carry 4 passengers and have a shorter cabin, again based on the airframe of the Aerostar. Should be a screamer.

unfortunately “experimental” – day VFR only for most of Europe. Is there still a ban on carrying more than two?

EDxx, Germany

I wonder how he solved removing the engines from the wings and rebuildingthe wings … and some other issues. It must have been one hell of a project! But to me the result looks fascinating and cool. Two times the payoad of a Meridian? Wow!

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