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Lancair 320

Just wondering if anyone here owns or has experience of flying a Lancair 320? Any handling quirks or gotchas you can think of? I’m tempted to take the plunge and become an aircraft owner Well, co-owner, at least… (not the a/c below)

The engine is a Lycoming IO-320-D1B, Performance: 60% Power 150 kts TAS, Stall 57 kts, Never Exceed 235kts…

It would rule out grass strips, I know, and anything less than about 700 m, but it looks like such a fun aircraft to fly! In fact, I know it’s a fun aircraft to fly

Any views?

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I remember one time I was doing circuits at ENFG in a PA38 when two Lancair 320s in formation did a low pass right behind me and turned around me as I was on crosswind to base. What a beautiful sight, and amazing performance for that horsepower! That might very well be the closest most of us will come to the performance of a P51

I did however seem to remember that the cruise speed at altitude, with a variable pitch propeller, was a lot closer to 200 kts.


V cool! Do it!

Yes, I believe the D1B has constant speed prop….

YPJT, United Arab Emirates

Was a passenger in one of these years ago, fantastic machine. Friend of mine (one of the head people who invented Microsoft Flight Simulator) at that time (maybe still) owned a 150 hp Lancair near Champaign IL.

Performance and range were staggering. He used to fly between Champaign and MS headquarters in Redmond with one or less stops quite regularly he said, eastbound he managed to do non stop quite a few times. He actually did fly it out of a grass strip to my amazement with those small wheels. View is excellent, so are the seats, if you fit. I could not get my legs under the panel of that particular plane and therefore sat in a fetal position for the short flight, so you really need to try it on for size. He said TAS was between 160 and 200 kts depending on altitude and power setting, best range was somewhere around 180 kts if I remember right. For longer trips, make sure it has an autopilot. This is not necessarily a hands off trim out plane.

One thing here in Europe is of course that it can´t be used IFR, which is stupid but a fact unfortunately. VFR, great plane for travelling absolutely. You should however take it very seriously and do a good type introduction and then fly it with a large safety marigin until you get to know it well. Lancairs are fast, but as high performance planes also will demand a certain degree of experience and skill to fly.

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LSZH, Switzerland

Not this one is it?

YPJT, United Arab Emirates

@AnthonyQ, you should refrain from posting such shocking images on this forum. Not all of us are old enough to stand such devastating scenes.


Sorry… Just saw that it was Feench registered….presumably flying again…at least I didn’t post this one!:

YPJT, United Arab Emirates

One thing here in Europe is of course that it can´t be used IFR, which is stupid but a fact unfortunately.

Just today I was asked to add Lancair to the aircraft types in autorouter There are people flying IFR in those and apparently it works.

Great planes but I am concerned about the structural strength and its behavior in gusts and icing. Quite a few bad accidents with that type although I don’t have statistical data.

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I am tempted to hit the “report” button for the first time in my life… snivel


Looking at Google, that seems to be a standard landing technique in these machines!

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