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Experimental 2 seater <500kg MTOM

Silvaire wrote:

I believe the interest in low MTOW is driven by avoiding irrational costs for rented hangar space that are billed based on aircraft weight, versus aircraft size.

Affirm. Hangar price doubles at each 500kg, unfortunately.

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LO__, Austria

LeSving wrote:

Why less than 500 kg MTOM?

Can be less than or exactly 500 kg.

501kg is double the price.

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always learning
LO__, Austria

Snoopy wrote:

Hangar price doubles at each 500kg

Mmmmh, one never stops learning, first time I hear of such a scheme.
My field uses a formula using the span * length, location (old vs newer hangar), position as in middle row or edge or hung-up. I think this is a pretty fair system as it goes.

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LSZF, Switzerland

In Norway you can build any UL that is offered as a kit, and build it as an experimental, as long as the 51% rule is followed. ULs these days are usually have MTOW of 450-600 kg. For instance the ICP Savannah can be built as a kit. The MTOW is from 450 to 560 kg. You can build it as an experimental, and just set the MTOW to 499 kg (pretty stupid thing to do in any normal circumstance, but no one can stop you).


Can be less than or exactly 500 kg. 501kg is double the price.

Reminds me of this

Paris/Essex, France/UK, United Kingdom

Snoopy wrote:

Affirm. Hangar price doubles at each 500kg, unfortunately.

Put it in your own hangar


Yea, folding wings would work a great deal with some hangar schemes… but then you might hit the ceiling with some of them.

@Snoopy, wonder what they would do with a <500kg motorglider with a wing span of twice a PA28….

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LSZH, Switzerland

Deny because the spot is around 12*12m.

always learning
LO__, Austria

Depends what you want I suppose, a Europa is a fun plane but has some compromises for efficiency and speed.

If you’re happy with slower speed then maybe a Kitfox or Eurofox could work? Eurofox especially is a really nice plane.

I just bought an Escapade – 499KG with UL Power 260i engine, 15lt/hr for 80kts. Not fast but good fun and less than half the price of a Eurofox. I keep it with wings folded, in the shed behind in the picture below, it’s probably the easiest plane to fold/unfold the wings as the ailerons and flaps are cable operated so do not need disconnecting.

For hangarage costs, even though it’s kept at a grass airfield (Deanland EGKL) it costs me £200/month for an ex tractor shed where I have to fold the wings. A normal hangar space is £450/month and the waiting list is years long.

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